happy new year! (ox)

happy new year. it snowed last nite here!


it snowed last nite while i slept. always something amazing to wake to the wht/grayness outside. suddenly i feel time warped backwards n i thought it felt like x'mas again.

last nite i met a little boy name kai. kai is always been a boy name i liked. he's 1/2 japanese, only speaks japanese tho at ths stage. almost 3. so cute n playful. we b'came frnds instantly. showed me the various toys he was playing with. altho we didn't communicate w/language, we were able to play anyway.
josh (neighbor)'s ribs were so tasty! yum! think tht's the most meat i ate since i got here!

i am a little more than 1/2 way thru shantaram now. finally. curious about the rest, but tough to read thru quickly.

will b travelling north tmrw. meet up w/joseph for dinner?
never been to seattle, should b interesting.

vancouver, just in time for chinese new year, i think...?

whistler, can't wait, for the snow.

i chk'd online how to improve my skiing a bit better. i wonder if ths will help my feet n shins. n better thru moguls. can't wait.


new work.

different environment and material inspired my hands to do different things. i'm liking ths so far!


01.22.09:gray to sunny!

i woke up w/a song from Lhasa humming in my head, decided tht today will b walking around n listening to them til i'm tired.

had another hat fitting appt. excited tht i will hv it for vancouver! yeh!
the day started out a bit gray & of course, very cold.
walking thru town, errands, looking around...
can't wait for my new shoes to arrive, something else to wear
can't wait to go home n pick up my shoes ther or at least, to kno if i hv any more winter shoes to wear or i need to buy something? i only remember buying boots or sandles (flips)

got a ski helmet last nite, dual reasons, i seem to become clumsier these days on slops, gotta b careful. & for horseback riding lessons too. tht should b good safe thing to do.
made ratatouille finally... but not sure, something might b missing in the recipe for the taste... missing a punch.

speaking of food. i realized, indian food outside of india, no matter where u go in this world, is always quite pricey in comparison (tried out the east india co today, lunch)

walking home, i stopped by the art museum. didn't realize the foto show was done 2 weeks ago. but saw the mixographia exhibit. jorge pardo's work was my fav (not just cuz we wnt to school together) others were amazing too but his was my fav. makes me wanna b drawing, which i will do now.

o, the sun, s out shining n warming up. (music still playing!)

weekend is coming up... seattle, vancouver, whistler next week! can't wait.
back to cali after tht.
london in march!


01.20.09: sun shines up & inauguration day!

i kno i've been wanting to blog everyday somehow, but not easy to keep up this intention...

catching up... fri nite cont...
white bird dance series (bad boys of dance)
late dinner at Clyde Common, cod & taglietelle, delicious food. warm atomsphere.

sat. sunny still!
a day to wander thru town n run a few errands.
sat at the sunny table in Half & Half, gr8 sandwiches. chai not so good, but serves stumpton coffee. the sun heats up this cozy space by window tht 1 tends to forget it's only 40+ degreesF outdoors. back to Nau's sale again to chk out if ther's anything else. tried the mini cupcakes. not bad. good thing it's mini.
yoga (vinyasa, sarah, too fast but at least not too chatty)
cooked my own version of miso fish w/out soy sauce, mirin nor sake! using miso, jam, port.... LOL, turned out to b fairly good still. we'r learning to b better at using up everything in the fridge to make nice dinners still.

sun. sun/windy
wake early to go Mt Hood for a bit of ski, warm up to Whistler.
it's quite warm day, morning all icy
softens up n happy to b on slopes. tho having trouble getting on the lifts ths day (1. lost a ski, 2. fell off the lift while getting on)! wht's going on?
leaving around 3.
will hv sore legs tmrw (yoga prob helped)?
dinner @ alex/allie's.

mon. sun/windy (martin luther king's day)
it's time for house cleaning.
moody? how to sense n rid o ths sense of lostness
grocery shopping. trader joe here is quite small.
late lunch@ vivace
1st time @ Fred Meyers
home, silence....
horseback riding lesson. freezing weather up in mtns. in barn.
got to trot after a bit o struggles w/horse.
picnic in front o tv (chipotle burrito)
tv/ work. silence...

TUES. SUNNY here, SUNNY freezing in D.C. too!
ths is the day, i'm sitting here watching the Obama inauguration. past presidents. all these ppl, looking 4 hope. high pressure. great speeches.... n day continues.


01.16.09 (fri) SUN!

wed. 01.14.09 (heavy fog then sun!!!!)
ok, so i forgot what it was i did on wed (01.14.09) after blogging. i prob stayed in n hung out, maybe i worked a bit? all coming back to me now... i lay by the window n got some sun while catching up on reading Shantaram, quit when it started to suck for the main character. then i wnt to yoga class at yoga pearl. this time, i took yoga fusion class. it's a bit workshop like, tho it is quite interesting & i like the teacher, she didn't talk too much b.s. stuff, so tht's always nice. i think i will continue to go to her classes.
quiet evening at home watching dvd (west wing) wow, these ppl talk so fast n the conversation is sometimes hard to follow. i guess it's all about the quick responses tht keeps us intrigued.

thurs. 01.15.09 (sunny but COLD still)
i spent the morning painting. started something new cuz the sky outside inspired the clrs! n well, the braided tree trunk outside the library inspired me to try out the lines. we'll c wher this goes. so back starting to pain. when i was younger, i think sitting hunched over my work causes no pain nor aches, but wow, our body really tells u off these days. so i quit for the day. the outdoor's calling me.

this has been a crazy shopping week i guess.
try to buy a pair of running/walking shoes tht i can also ride horse in, but instead, i got a jacket.... hmmmm.
it's supposed to b Patagonia's sale, but then found out Nau is having a major warehouse sale! so we wnt ther instead. i mean, 5 bux for a lot of the items i got isn't bad at all! my shoes order also arrived. the lux o shopping in USA, returns! i can pick n choose wht to keep n return!

fri. 01.16.09 (lots of SUN in the cold)
i hv hat fitting today w/Dayna in downtown area @ Pinkham Millinery, my especially small head size makes it tough to gage exactly how my hat would fit me. the store has since expanded when i was in it last yr sept. lots n lots of beautiful hats, wow! i love'em all! turns out, i need one more fitting next week.... (walking here from home i realized how within downtown i am to everything. so close! the streetcar is just for convenience n getting out o the wet/ cold or if i'm carrying stuff n being lazy)
yoga is not so great today. it's hatha, which is fine. but the teacher talks way too much. so right fr/start, doing breath exercises, i dozed off!
walk about town, walking almost everywhere n building body map of the town. i'm happily adjusting i believe.
tonite is the dance performance! yeh!


1.12-13.09_gry then sunny tues!

monday will b monday. working during the day at home. not feeling the need to b outside at all. work is slow progress.
then it's my first horseback riding lesson 2nite!
inside the cold barn
i'm relearning to ride. so different than b4. paying more attention. not western style. i like ths much better i think. the saddle suits me better.
tho it's only 1 hr, it is tiring but fun.

sun came out, making it tough to stay in n work.
attempt to go yoga failed, but had my pants altered at Gien's Tailors near library.
wnt shopping w/allie instead. learning shops, walking thru the pearl (Frances May, etc) then to downtown. visiting several interesting 2nd hand shops including the antique optical frame shop n the Portland Outdoor Store, which is diff than US Outdoor Store in same area. then Nordstroms for a quick spin then to the Buffalo Exchange. where ppl constantly bring things into shop to sell n then buying in the shop. so many things to browse thru! it's a quick fix for my clothing issues i think :D
then to Moulé, intersting things in ther too.
dinner at Everett Street Bistro, new zealand wht wine is quite tasty. dinner yummy too, interesting chicken marbela, is it suppsed to hv tht sweetness hint to it? i dunno.
found out where REI etc/ train station's located in my orientation.



no skiing today, too cold & wet up ther. i'm ok with it. think we should physically rest for 1 week b4 going up.
awesome brunch at home.
out and about in the city, library,........, stumptown, Filson , lizard lounge, so many interesting things to shop for. but, shouldn't b buying. saving my money for summer trip to australia, mim's wedding.
gelato... ate too much!
back to library n chk out the stacks, photographs by august sander.
golden globe awards tonite, pizza!


01.10.09:covered in fog!

nitemares & dreams to wake us
very foggy morning
will sun show his face?
thankful still
a bit achy in body from impact
o, hat appt in downtown!
remeasured, remade
happy little boy, cute shop owner!
brunch @ bijou, cafe
home again, happy to b lazy n nothingness, after laundry.
watched documentary called, How to Cook your Life, b mindful and just do what u r doing now. cooking, cook. eating, eat. talk, talk.
shared the 1956 short film Ballon Rouge by Albert Lamorisse, it is still 1 o my fav since childhood.
1st try at making our own Croque Monsieur, semi-success! yet sooooooooo tasty, i think it's the mustard & nutmeg!

happy to b home. chilling.
shoulder/neck, very achy still
hips a bit achy too. but healing.
thankful again.

01.09.09:partly sunny

yoga at the Pearl, 9.30am, vinyasa.
jenn is nice, but said some things i don't like
tho i kno tht chg is constant
not very gentle tho, when she flicked my elbows.
pearl bakeryfor sat's breakfast.
shop for ski wear at portland outdoor store on broadway & burnside.
shop for miso soup supplies @ whole foods, for my sudden winter cravings.
after a quick painting warmup
i got a bouquet of beautiful mix o wht flowers! frangrant lilies n irises w/eucaliptus!

k's home & dinner (leftover risotto & miso soup of cabbage, shroom, tofu)
rest a bit, feeling lazy, but got up to go to a charity gold/silver party in NE pdx
finally got our drinks, too small, too packed
time to go, very foggy nite.
heard sound of cars crashing
white volvo came towards us
in quick flashes, mere seconds
if i wasn't pulled away n he dove/roll w/me in protection, forward.
tho it just seem to happen way to fast n the car was really going to roll over us.
i saw in shocking clarity tht the bumper really did hit us, my legs were caught w/it.
sitting up on the ground, i thought for sure my legs r hurt. in stunned stillness, we checked.
bumper scraping our shins, me barely really... but he's hurt a bit. all's fine, at least physically.
concrete curb trash bin kept the car from rolling over us.
chaos, screaming, shouting, all around us.
in shock
this is a very scary wake-up experience. the sight of the wht volve coming towards us. the shock of it.
going home to clean our wounds
sirens sounding as authorities n help arrives.
looking in at the wht volvo, a girl is fine btwn all the airbags. on the fone.
we drove very very carefully, scared to b on the road.
happy to b home
happy to b alive
thankful too!
thank u trash bin!

01.08.09:partyl sunny/chilly

home most of the day, updating myself.
then to downtown, shopping a bit@
get a map of city
on way home, look for hairdryer,
turns out Safeway is supermkt, not general store.
got carded for buying water in a liquor store.
diff laws in ths town.
streetcar to home.
the heathman for all day happy hour special, dinner & drinks.
chilly nite, but dry.
happily dry


01.07.09: windy & rain!

today, after organizing myself.
i ventured out, not realizing how strong the rain was, i wnt out in wht pants!
silly me!
ths time, i chk'd the streetcar real time web n caught it as it came up.
no long waiting time in the rain.
walked about the pearl region,
basically all around the Whole Foods region.
met up a/allie for lunch at the yoga pearl (quinoa & kale lunch + fresh juice)
coffee across the street
utrech art shop, it's smaller than i expected it to b... only huge oil sticks. still, i got my paper. even got something called YUPO, paper of 100% polypropylene. it says it's for water techniques. bought a pack to test.
then post office on 6th/main, this must b the HQ for post office here. ornate decor (art deco?)
dinner plans tonite... found on food & wine site recipe for Lemon Risotto with Asparagus and Shiitake Mushrooms, so bought stuff + Fab Bastard chardonnay, yum.
tv/dozing off



the cookies tastes better n better as it ages.
worked at home all day
was finally able to venture out n chk out my books at the library by late afternoon
this is a great chance to focus on catching up on cookbook reading
wow, sun rises late n goes home early in ths town.
quick bite, then to thurs nite dropin yoga.
it was the messiest vinyasa i've ever been to. i miss rob's classes.
sometimes i think i can teach better class. haha, j/k.
tho did think to get certified one day, just being lazy. don't wanna end up like those crazy super yoga ppl.
done with work? not!
someone gave me the wrong sizes n ended up working til 3.
all done. happy


01.05.09: gray freeze, spotty sun

tried to focus on work, but hard, very typical when working from home.
lite yogurt/fruit lunch, choco chip cookie

is this too tie-dyed colors?
adventure on the max,
horses rattled, canceled lessons
awesome dinner at the Higgins
imaginary battleship!

01.04.09: really really cold/ lite snow

woke up late, almost slept thru the nite (only worked a couple hrs)
sunday brunch in-house
nice to laze about indoors when it's soooooooo gloomy outside
art museum.
walkabout, shop 4 cookie supplies
it's drizzling wet & SNOWING! going home
after dinner, baking yummy cookies, rec from food&wine site.
not bad! tho next time, gotta make sure the chip is not such huge chunck so it'd melt properly & semi-sweet.

i think i caught the chills....
not feeling 100% 2nite.


01.03.09: overcast sunny

lunch/ shop in Hawthorn area (pho van)
grocery in 23rd (zupane) so happy to b able to choose from a larger variety of apples than fuji apples!

dinner (lovely hula hands) in mississippi area (duck duck duck)



woke up to snowy rooftop but sunshine in the blue sky
walk from riverside in, still learning.
one can always find a chinatown

library card!

lunch @ 50plates, yummy sliders
wine & dining in.
jetlag over yet?



rainy day
walks in town
learning, exploring, new city
yummy pastrami lunch @ kenny&zuke's
movie: charlie chaplin in City Lights
airport for luggage
homebound. no more rain.