our tree is up!

we finally wnt to store n bought the ornaments for our tree ths year. ths yr's theme is red/green (green cuz the boys r just all into ths color) even our top o tree is a green snowflake/star. it's so fun to watch how excited the boys get hanging up the ornaments. and when we all sat down in the dark to light it up, wow, their faces all lit up too!
we will try to fit time in for them to paint their keepsake ornament for ths year this weekend. also we'll hv a popcorn stringing day.
chris asked for ginger cookies. will try to bake tht next week. we'r planning wht to make for x'mas dinner. should b quite fun.
frank just arrived tonite from cali. it'll b a full house for x'mas this yr! well, all except for tony's family back in cali. how i miss'em.

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