late nite

working late nite again. i guess i just can't help it. during the day, ther's just so many things to do around home n out. ther's loads of distractions. i don't have enough time or i'm not working fast enough? how to fit it all in? and, i want to c my nephews too when they get off school. do yoga, climb, flower... sometimes, i feel i've not enough energy to keep up either. i want to fit naps in btwn too, but i've not had naps until evening. evening naps r the ones tht make u crash most. so like today, i came in/out of the flat so many times. the only time i really sat down during t/day was late afternoon to work for a few hours.
like ths evening, when i got back in to work, i had an evening crash. so instead of the 1/2 hr naps i normally get in the afternoon, i ended up waking at 3am.

i'm back to back sleep patterns again?

i kno sunrise in tpe isn't at 5.37! LOL!

i'm working on packaging designs/ catalog at the same time. not really tht confident in design. i guess this is when visual artist get their anxiety. u'r putting urself out ther n who knos how anything really comes about? often times, wht's in my head comes out unexpectedly bad. designing is very grinding process. u hv to let things/ ideas brew in ur head for a long time b4 u can reach a solution. yet ther's never enough time to think things thoroly thru. n the fear of bad design when u look back later is overwhelming. how does one kno it's a good design result anyhow? so subjective.
i can only dive blindly in. esp when ther is no help anywhere. tht's the worst part about working alone vs in a studio w/other designers where u can bounce ideas off ea/other. b inspired. tho the most amazing part about being a freelancer, is def the freedom to do as u wish when/wher, etc. just don't b like me, wasting time waking thru the house trying to hunt down 1 mosquito. i kno i've bad time management.

like now, shouldn't b blogging. so i'm back to trying to b a designer of sorts. ( i keep hearing a ding sound, wht is tht? but i won't go search it out, might b another distraction...)
later (7am) will go yoga w/chris if she remembers her invitation then breakfast. work. lunch w/T after his big exam in school. work again? yes, deadline, remember?

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