wht the F***?

i was returning home after dropping off my sister's kids in school, when i thought to write this down. there were at least 20 policemen on scooters making a left as i'm crossing the street on renai/jianguo. they all rode at high speed with complete disregard for the pedestrians as they cut, at high speed, really close to me, nearly hitting me. in wht countries out ther does one ever get run over by the police gang while crossing the street? since they weren't abiding by the law, naturally, all the other drivers were cutting really close to the pedestrians on the crosswalk. it angers me, they set perfectly bad examples.
then i return home to c the news going crazy about the mess tht's out ther regarding the visit of an official from china to taiwan. where is the international dignity of a country when it's leaders r graceless, tactless? it's ppl wild n misguided? all these official r making a show for their personal gains in the media cuz they want their name out ther so ppl will remember them during elections? so tired of seeing this on tv. hearing how some random angry citizen spit at their own mayors, etc. what a shame tht in 21st century where we should've been quite well educated, that we should b so backwards. where is the future of this island nation? i sure c the future as being really dark n hopeless as its ppl n leaders takes it backwards in time to another era when it's barbaric. i feel sad for the ppl here. ther's no vision of the future as one nation. stop putting up a show and do something constructive, pls! b4 the ppl of ths island become the "maid for hire" & migrant workers of other asian nations.

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