hiroshi senju

this is a japanese artist i discovered upon my travel to shizuoka in 2006 w/my father.
going thru my postcards, i found his artwork again.
i still like his art very much.



i've been meaning to take a photo of baby aidan, my nephew #6!!!! online, but hadn't the chance. well, here he is now, just a day or 2 over 1 month mark. everyone says he looks exactly like frank (his papa) when he was a baby, don't c the resemblance. i believe all babies look alike until their eyes hv the knowing look of awareness. n only really fun when u can play w/them. tht'll b soon enough. wow, now i hv 6 nephews to play with!
welcome to the world, aidan. to our family.


show at SOPA studio/gallery

so here's wht i've decided to ship to south pasadena, cali for my next group show, my ever continuing l'arabesque series.

if u'r in the area n r free, pls go c it.
it'll b on sat dec 6th, reception at 7pm. altho, i won't b able to make it... still sticking around taipei for a while longer.


late nite

working late nite again. i guess i just can't help it. during the day, ther's just so many things to do around home n out. ther's loads of distractions. i don't have enough time or i'm not working fast enough? how to fit it all in? and, i want to c my nephews too when they get off school. do yoga, climb, flower... sometimes, i feel i've not enough energy to keep up either. i want to fit naps in btwn too, but i've not had naps until evening. evening naps r the ones tht make u crash most. so like today, i came in/out of the flat so many times. the only time i really sat down during t/day was late afternoon to work for a few hours.
like ths evening, when i got back in to work, i had an evening crash. so instead of the 1/2 hr naps i normally get in the afternoon, i ended up waking at 3am.

i'm back to back sleep patterns again?

i kno sunrise in tpe isn't at 5.37! LOL!

i'm working on packaging designs/ catalog at the same time. not really tht confident in design. i guess this is when visual artist get their anxiety. u'r putting urself out ther n who knos how anything really comes about? often times, wht's in my head comes out unexpectedly bad. designing is very grinding process. u hv to let things/ ideas brew in ur head for a long time b4 u can reach a solution. yet ther's never enough time to think things thoroly thru. n the fear of bad design when u look back later is overwhelming. how does one kno it's a good design result anyhow? so subjective.
i can only dive blindly in. esp when ther is no help anywhere. tht's the worst part about working alone vs in a studio w/other designers where u can bounce ideas off ea/other. b inspired. tho the most amazing part about being a freelancer, is def the freedom to do as u wish when/wher, etc. just don't b like me, wasting time waking thru the house trying to hunt down 1 mosquito. i kno i've bad time management.

like now, shouldn't b blogging. so i'm back to trying to b a designer of sorts. ( i keep hearing a ding sound, wht is tht? but i won't go search it out, might b another distraction...)
later (7am) will go yoga w/chris if she remembers her invitation then breakfast. work. lunch w/T after his big exam in school. work again? yes, deadline, remember?


painting 2008

i kno, i've been really non-productive in terms of quantity of paintings this year, but they r larger and take more time.


wht the F***?

i was returning home after dropping off my sister's kids in school, when i thought to write this down. there were at least 20 policemen on scooters making a left as i'm crossing the street on renai/jianguo. they all rode at high speed with complete disregard for the pedestrians as they cut, at high speed, really close to me, nearly hitting me. in wht countries out ther does one ever get run over by the police gang while crossing the street? since they weren't abiding by the law, naturally, all the other drivers were cutting really close to the pedestrians on the crosswalk. it angers me, they set perfectly bad examples.
then i return home to c the news going crazy about the mess tht's out ther regarding the visit of an official from china to taiwan. where is the international dignity of a country when it's leaders r graceless, tactless? it's ppl wild n misguided? all these official r making a show for their personal gains in the media cuz they want their name out ther so ppl will remember them during elections? so tired of seeing this on tv. hearing how some random angry citizen spit at their own mayors, etc. what a shame tht in 21st century where we should've been quite well educated, that we should b so backwards. where is the future of this island nation? i sure c the future as being really dark n hopeless as its ppl n leaders takes it backwards in time to another era when it's barbaric. i feel sad for the ppl here. ther's no vision of the future as one nation. stop putting up a show and do something constructive, pls! b4 the ppl of ths island become the "maid for hire" & migrant workers of other asian nations.


alley cat painting

ths is t/painting i'm doing for Alley Cat Pizza's december ad in local magazine. it's nearly finished except for the glossing over. the hard part is to write my blurb about self n painting, etc. and in choosing a foto of me to place in ther. wonder if i can get someone to help me write this....?


new discovery

while i was in HCMCity (saigon) with vic/nicky, visiting frnds, i discovered a local artist i quite like, his name is Bui Van Hoan.

i love it when a painting draws u in from afar, then upon closer examination, one can c evermore details, and each time, u just get something more out of it. subtleness is very important to me in a painting.