train/car coastal journey, santa ana to portland

day 1 (tues)_Santa Ana to San Luis opisbo, taking the Pacific Surfliner (newer thus nicer train since its a local cali train vs national line), nite @ le petit soleil bed/breakfast, very quaint but too country, altho beautiful courtyard and amazing homemade breakfast.

day 2_rent a car and go up the coast to big sur national park. staying at the Treebones (yurts!) very cook styling yurt, amazing view, even w/a pool. no private bathroom tho. today has been a foggy day, c nothing.... but whiteness, another kind of beauty. to hear the seals but not c them. dinner @ yummy bakery/resto. and midnite hot springing @ esalen institute.

day 3_continue up big sur (visiting beaches, etc, but sea water's temp here is def near freezing level) til Monterrey, drop off car & bus to Salinas (small little town tht the author, Steinbeck is from) linking back onto train, this is now the Starlight Line which goes from LA to Seattle, into oakland (visiting w/frnds in sf for the weekend)

day 4_sf! MOMA, gelato, park, chk out the pirate store! watch presidential debate.

day 5 (sat)_sf! yoga! attempt to Academy of Science grand opening, way too crowded, block party, drinks, dinner in japan town (korean food), more drinks (it used to b called Lord of the Balls, this bar), ktv!

day 6_sf! nice relaxing day of hanging out w/frnds. didn't get to meet up w/wayne, bummer. nite train to Portland (we got our own sleeper car!)

day 7_sunrise @ mt Shasta area as train passed thru, amazing beauty as u sleep n rock n wake up to beautiful views. thru amazing landscape. where as Hawaii was full of giant broccoli, this is the land of tall straight trees, more like asparagus! arrive in portland near 7pm (delayed train, Amtrak need to update their look n feel to b more contemporary), dinner @ pok pok, amazing food, way better than train, tht's for sure.

day 8 (tues)_spend wonderful day in portland. coffee @ cafe of Ace Hotel, amazing treat. dusk watching thousands of swifts (swallows) swarm around the smoke stack hunting then finally circling around n around til they all return into the stack b4 darkness hits. amazing feat.

day 9 (wed)_returning to taiwan (flt delayed due to fog n ran for the gate at sfo, but just missed the plane) end up in hotel for the day. won't b able to meet up w/nicky as planned at the airport in tpe. so end up couped up in hotel room n work away, almost caught up! i do like this hotel room tho, very comfy, go Hyatt sfo!

today (thurs) i will try again to fly home in 1/2 hr. wish me luck! it'll b sfo-narita-tpe (arriving friday nite 9pm taipei time)

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