the butterfly effect,
u kno it?
it's amazing how something happens and ripples out to affect something like a hurricane 1/2 way across the globe. tht's how i'm feeling now.
things that happens beyond my control or reach.


maui_day last of 6

rise n shine for sunrise
house of sun
heleakala, 10,000ft above sea level
can it b?
so chill a morning
freezing actually, n strong wind blows
clouds chg constantly

15 min extra sunlite as legend goes
craters creating a spine
who lives here on the moon?
cast of star wars?
breakfast at papa's joint, town of 3 shops
try to chk out Lahaina
but water's calling
one last swim
one last plate lunch at da kitchen
over stuffed
hop on plane
sunset in the sky

maui, ohau, sfo, sna
home in newport, cali, next day morning.
sean is waiting for me.
i was in hawaii, felt like another country
another language
culture of great mixture
was it a dream ths past week?

maui_day 5

catch some breakfast near heleakala
pass thru makawao
pa'ia sounds like paella to me.
yummy yummy gelato at the beach
attempt drive to hana
swim at rocky beach,
scraped up by rocks n corals
swim at waterfall
refreshing, colder than ocean
beautiful forest
view of taro fields
1/2 way pupu (snack time)
nap then dinner near pa'ia
where mama's fish house cooked up awesome food
another beautiful day out n about
all play n no work.


oahu/maui_day 4, wedding

last day on oahu.
forget going to abc store for infamous spam musubi
mad dash to leonards for some yummy malasados
checking in n flying over
maui felt like only 20min or so away
another island
once again, familiar n yet stranger after 6 years.
staying in Kula, upcountry they call it.
pakin/jenny's wedding in wailea
somewhere over the rainbow
beautiful spot
beach front cottage
beautiful ppl
great old frnds
wedding tears
lots of drinking
lots of fun, laughing, dancing
crashing waves
some clouds
some drizzle
some sun
ate too much
drank too much
fun memories.

oahu_day 3

north shore day, after quick hotel breakfast
lots of driving,
quick dips here n there as it gets hot
sunset at west end of island
dinner at sam choy
back to YKK
hotel moana surfrider for drinks
and there saw the ocean ate the moon!

oahu_day 2

cinnamon cafe for brunch, left crazy lady
and drove around island,
leaving east island to crazy surf spot &
blow hole
shave ice again
bamboo hotel in wakiki
sleep loads
dinner at 11pm


oahu_day 1

lanikai - kailua beach park/ breakfast, swim, hang.... home.
pali park on way to waiola shave ice, diamond head, dinner at ono... home.
what a fun day of sun n warm waves!