Taking off!

There's my plane! Hv's a very packed plane. Gr8 tht i Hv a good seat to fall sleep in:) ths is my 1st long trip of 2008. On y va!


flight plan 2008

so, i finally nailed down my flight plan and made the necessary purchases! yippee!!!!

aug 10-sept 30th (taipei-nyc), during this time. i will b...
aug 14-19 (nyc-montreal)
aug 24-31 (block island)
sept 4-10 (hawaii, oahu/ maui)
sept 11-19 (stay put in cali/ hang w/family n frnds)
sept 20-30 going north to sfo for a visit, n fly out from portland back to taiwan!
oct 1, land in tpe (meet up w/nicky) from here we stick around taiwan, maybe little trips around the island?
next week nicky's here, we shall fly to vietnam (HCM) and visit some frnds there n travel a bit, should b able to celebrate matt n my bday over ther.
then back to tpe finally, mid-oct.

this is going to b fun n well, tiring too, but i'm excited. it's been long overdue, this trip. i've canceled my europe trip so i am really looking forward to this.