Lala mountain

Here at ths nature preserve, the temp n humidity is so low 1 almost forgets tht ths is high summer in hot humid taiwan! So happy Hv's overcast. I feel as if inside a cooler. And air so clean! Now i'm hungry. The ancient trees reminds us how short our existence is in comparison, how easily things r destroyed at our whim.


on foot in taipei city.

this past sunday, a few frnds n i went to baishawan for some beach fun, but this is a very managed beach... lots of ppl stuck inside the "fenced in" area of the beach. u'r not allowed to pass it or swim outsides this managed borders. the water was warm n nice. beautiful weather, lots of ppl... but nowhere to swim! still, we got some sun and beautiful sunset w/live music at La Mer nearby. and, the special margarita was amazing, hit just the right spot, perfect end to a sunday!

yesterday, after yoga, i saw this birdnest under the overhang of a commercial sidewalk. stood ther n watch how the mother bird came n went, feeding her baby birds. all these ppl walking under, busy in their own thoughts. or r they just so immune to all these happening around them tht it's no longer a surprise? still, i am awed by how nature always finds a way to fit itself into our man-made world, yet we'r so distanced from it all in the present world.

today, i'm walking towards yoga class and chanced by this coffee street vendor. this is prob the smallest vendor out ther on the streets i ever seen! i mean, it's basically made from a motorized wheel chair-like thing! wow. amazing, this will fit anywhere! i wanted to buy a coffee just for tht, but the owner was nowhere to b found, prob hiding somewhere away from this heat n sharp rays of the sun! too hot for coffee anyhow.

today, is "take care of sophie" day, after yoga, i met up w/an old frnd whom i've not seen in ages and had a pedicure while we caught up w/ea other's lives. very nice. my toes r finally back on track in their usual summer color of blues!



In tie last 6 days, i've eaten at M twice n BKing once. How unlike me! Me who normally prefer to eat anything than fast food! Wht is amazing is tht M here prob has most biz than anywhere in ths world.


My ache

So much has been thrown in my path in last few days. I admit to being a coward at how badly i handled things n allowing situation 2 get out of hand. Head n heart r now both stuck. Kno not how 2 set it str8 again. I can't run. Need 2 remain hopeful 4 lite at end o tunnel..


the simple idea of having a studio to paint in, is that so hard? y so many obstacles thrown in the path to reaching tht simple goal? i'm bewildered as how things have gotten so out of hand. and everything else just not falling into place. am i not ready for a place to b home? it's gotten me re-thinking, should i b here in taiwan, painting here? where is home?
they say it's where the heart is. what if i hv no heart?