my bubble

lately, my posting hv been really short n sporatic, not to say random. i don't kno where i've been these last few months?! time just slide from one day into the next. sometimes i feel i don't want to say to much because i'm blogging n facebooking. n since it's all connected, everyone can c right thru me. tho i do remember when i started this i wanted to share me with frnds cuz well, apparently i don't share enough. many ppl say they kno me but don't. some days i'm very lazy so i avoid writing too much of my thoughts cuz then i'd hv to explain things. or my feelings cuz i'd hv to sort'em out.
sometimes, i am just living this moment n don't ask myself all the time how i'm FEELING at this moment cuz i don't try to define tht particular feeling. it's a tough thing to do, self-analysis or asking questions to things tht don't really hv an exact answer to.

i've been living in taiwan for the past 1/2 yr, travelling less n less great distances cuz of the oil prices n well, it makes everything more expensive. n frnds r hard to leave n family harder to leave. but summer is here... i've made promises to go, just juggling out time n location n how-to's. europe is so expensive to go visit tht i'm becoming more n more reluctant to go.

my original plan was to go europe (diane's wedding in vienne, visit frnds in switzerland n UK n meet up w/frnk/maggie in italy) from the connect to nyc for the annual migration of block island n frnds... fly back to europe then taiwan. then it changed to europe back to taiwan, maybe no italy due to timing. n from taiwan to nyc then maui for pakin's wedding then back to taipei. well now to make things more complex... i've gotta run over to tokyo for the chanel mobile art show! before it's over on july 4th. i can either do the fly to japan, then europe or straight to US n spend the entire summer ther! then a few days ago, found out tony n kids will b here in taipei from end of july thru aug. o so much juggling around. dunno wht to do.
why can't ther just b the doraimo instant door? say where u wanna go n step thru the door?

ok, tht's wht's occupying my head while i'm living life here... it's sat. what to do?
paint some more?
gotta do work (designing) from the fotoshoot yesterday of my sis chris. so exhausted i was yesterday tht i ditched my frnds! i'm feeling lazy tho regarding work.

i will hv to go shopping later in this great humid heat n find ingredients for my pumpkin mochi i'm to make for tmrw's pot-luck here. also feeling lazy about tht part.
thinking of riding bike to run these errands... hmmm, great idea, hopefully the bike is ther.

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