dinner party of 12!

well, in another day or 2, i've gotta come up w/a full course dinner for 12!
some planning to do, the main dish tho, has gotta b awesome, tho i don't want to do another steak or beef related item. so seven hour leg of lamb (sept heure gigot) is top of my list. where to find this cut in taipei would b difficult to fig out... or i'd do a chicken dish as main (would it hold up as a star dish in a dinner party, semi-formalish? i wonder...)
i'm going to b creative n use the existing steamed chickend to make an appetizer slightly different than current taiwanese way of eating it, which is soy sauce dip. maybe more like a light salad?
soup, well, something red or green? sweat pea or tomato? something light tho if i do end up making gigot.
crab meat linguine would complement most of these, no? too much food?
n a peach/cream w/apple sauce as dessert.
wish me luck n once it's all done, i'll try to remember to upload the fotos.

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Simone said...

Or you could make that delicious coq au vin you made for us! Good luck-I'm sure everything will come out great-you're a fantastic cook. Come back and cook for us soon!