Teddy boy

Having lunch w/nephew. Amazing how much mess a 1 yr old can generate.


Prime real estate

Ths is side view of the palace, prime real estate of taipei. The only thing tht is a bit classy here is ths sculpture.



About to board my plane to nagoya, japan, can't believe how over used ths kitty is. She's on the plane too! Really sick of seeing her.


my first psychogeographic walk, taipei

a frnd n i r doing this psychogeographic walk, allowing us to "rediscover" our cities or learn new things about it. i dragged my feet at first about it cuz the weather was horrible. but once i got into it. i enjoyed it quite a bit. shot loads of fotos but i really hv to self-edit them down to not overwhelm anyone looking at it. or myself.

if u'r interested in reading the notes for the walk and the after-note.