packing. moving. working.

i've returned to taipei sans 1 luggage. with all the chaos of cleaning up my things, deciding what to bring back and spending time with the little ones, and of course, trying to load up all our 10 suitcases, my stand-out red luggage was forgotten in the elevator. since it was quite chaotic, no one noticed til we've arrived at the worst international airport in the country, LAX. luckily, a frnd is returning this coming weekend and will lug it back for me to kaoshung, which frank will help me retrieve it.
i'm here in taipei again, greeted by the horrible rain. everyone tells me, i've missed the awesome sunny days while i was gone. i really know how to pick days to leave and stay. bummer.
now i'm jet-lagged, got projects coming due soon with nothing in-progress... and i've gotta clear out of my room asap cuz my mom has agreed to let her frnd n husband stay here during the election week. so far, i've packed 2 small luggage of my clothes. how does one acquire so much clothes anyway? and it always never seems quite enough. i've still got the workout/lounge stuff, swimwear, undies, coats, & accessories to pack. after tht, i just need to pack my computer stuff, paints, & books. we humans r just such packrats! i wish to live with bare minimum things, but somehow it is very out of reach for me. my goal is to try harder to collect less material things. is it possible to do that n still b stylish in this world? books r tough for me to rid of tho... even if i rarely touch it... damn!

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