in california

it's so strange, i'm home here. i feel as if i'm on vacation. imagine that i used to drive everywhere and go everywhere. these last few times i've been back, i realized driving long distance n stuck in traffic is no longer my thing, i tend to doze off. i still love it here. just not the driving anymore. how strange is that? i must b getting old.
it's amazing how being able to c wide open sky affects me. and stars at nite, tht's another thing too.
today, instead of going to visit friends, etc. i will do yoga at the studio w/1 of my favorite teacher and go for a walk at laguna beach (with sean, my little frnd). then, maybe raid the art store!

one thing i gotta remember to do is go and sort out my storage and send stuff to taiwan or get rid of thing.
also, last nite, i was clearing out my closet, amazing, ther's still some pants i can fit into tht i couldn't last october when i was back for a week. i must've lost a little wt. altho not like back in the party-every-weekend days when i first move back from nyc.

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