chris' home remedy to sever headache, migraines

well, victor and i both had very bad migraines today. since chris, our sister, also used to get it quite often, she's read up and did quite a research on it and developed her own remedy. vic, who didn't quite believe in this, tried it for the first time and it worked! coffee doesn't affect me too much, so i'm relying victor's experience as being less biased.

here it is, 1 can of Mr Brown (伯朗咖啡) coffee (or any bottled coffee), we say mr brown here simply b'cuz it is wht chris has been drinking.
1 bottle of POCARI SWEAT (or Super SuPau) or any sport drink that replenishes ur electrolyte.
1 mentholated oil stick to rub against ur temples & the back of ur neck where it connects w/ur skull. tht's wher the blood flow to ur head is constricted.

really, it's something to try, even if u also take some sort of pain killer.

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Simone said...

I'll keep this in mind for next time David has a headache!