another friend leaving town.

i know i've stayed longer than usual in a spot when one by one the friends i've made in the past year are leaving town and i'm around to attend their farewell "do"s! well, does the various short jaunts from taipei count as me traveling? y do i have such an issue of being in a place longer than a few months?
at the beginning of feb, everyone's taken off to somewhere exotic n cool but i stayed put. a few reasons, 1 of which is the flat i'm about to move into w/my brother is near finishing up (tho i hate this project, pain in the u-kno-wher!) 2, i spent way too much money already buying things for my place, & 3, airfare way too costly. however, after experiencing how horrid the weather has been so far, nearly 8 weeks of rain, gloom n cold with just 1 day of sunshine last week, i've never been so depressed n lazy. i feel all cooped up.
the challenge is for me to manage sticking around here, hv a home. will i b able to do it? in 2 weeks, my newly designed bed will b made n delivered and i will b moving into the flat with victor. that should keep me occupied for a bit. tho i really really do miss the warm sun heating my face n body. i've become really pale! will i hv enough money to get to thailand n back for a long weekend at the beach?
how is it most of my thoughts r just filled with going away? what i need to do is go back to cali tho, it's been a long long time since i was really home. 1/2 year! (the brief stop in oct doesn't count) i'm stopping my rambling ons now. this is a blog afterall.l

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