6 days in tomamu, hokkaido, japan

this is the alpha resort at tomamu. the snow is beautiful, the ground's amazing, the view's great, everything great except the food isn't as one would expect of the standards for japan. it busted the myth of "u can't go wrong with eating in japan!" ther is actually bad n not so great tasting food. it's at this resort. still, the thoughtfulness and detail oriented resort made our stay quite comfortable, the staff r all very helpful too (even tho the lack of english made things slightly frustrating at times)

this is the cafeteria in the forest. sooooooooooooooo beautiful both in setting n architecture.


same same but not quite

as i'm walking mindlessly thru the public transit, i noticed these 2 hollywood blockbuster action movie posters, placed on two columns next to ea/other.

do u c what i c and noticed? they're practically the same poster! same posture of the main character but w/diff costumes n faces! such interchangeability! maybe it was the same company tht designed the poster? r designers so out of creative thinking tht even posters, like movie previews, have become formulaic? it's like a template! no wonder y audiences hv become immune and indifferent. PLEASE!


prison break

another weekend has passed. i've been really "healthy" doing yoga, long walks thru the park, and ice skating, and no heavy drinking or partying. nicky and i have gotten the next week plotted w/weeknite activities. it's great to have things planned with a partner, cuz then i won't flake or laze out.
i've been a real homebody watching Prison Break, seasons 1 & 2. it's very exciting and filled with conspiracy of all sorts. i don't normally like to b glued to the tv, but this is exciting, so hard to turn the dvd player off. so evil, cuz we just end up sitting here and keep on to the next and next. next thing u know, it's 5am!


the last 101 fireworks.

i'm not sure how i felt about the firework at the 101 bldg it's glorious in some ways, but it also gives a reminder of a bldg exploding... which i hv witnessed from my window in nyc. here's the clip in case anyone hasn't seen it.
it wasn't the traditional shoot up into the sky kinda beautiful spectacular thingy, but still, it is nice in it's own way.

mosquito war

this is my scoring system.
every bite by a mosquito, they get 1 mega point
every mosquito i kill by hand (bloodless)=10 pts to me, if it's bloody = 13 pts
every mosquito killed using the electric raquet=7pts, bloody ones = 10 pts

so far, the score is 13 mega pt : 131 (me) pts

how do i hate them!
let me count the ways!


missing u

this foto of sean-sean was taken slightly over a yr ago, when we went shopping at old navy. he's sooooooo cute when he's smiling. i miss u, sean, like a ton. why can't my neices/nephews all live in same city so i can play w/them all the time?


New find.

Went 2 ths resto after reading about it on chubby hubby blog. It's truly a yummy place

class 2_floral arrangement in free style

another afternoon doing floral arrangements. i am liking it a lot. it is challenging tho, the composition is quite different than on paper.