in the metro nyc

this poster was in the subway train i was riding... still don't quite get it. is it a gag ad?


a bird

ever since i was a child, i've always envied the fact tht birds r so free to fly about, unbound by gravity. for me, the hardest thing is to c them caged, nor their wings clipped. then a frnd back at art center shared this poem by Jacques Prevert with me, i couldn't ever get it out of my mind, it speaks to me about love, patience, freedom, inspiration, life.

Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau (english version here)
Peindre d'abord une cage
avec une porte ouverte
peindre ensuite
quelque chose de joli
quelque chose de simple
quelque chose de beau
quelque chose d'utile
pour l'oiseau
placer ensuite la toile contre un arbre
dans un jardin
dans un bois
ou dans une forêt
se cacher derrière l'arbre
sans rien dire
sans bouger ...
Parfois l'oiseau arrive vite
mais il peut aussi bien mettre de longues années
avant de se décider
Ne pas se décourager
attendre s'il le faut pendant des années
la vitesse ou la lenteur de l'arrivée de l'oiseau
n'ayant aucun rapport
avec la réussite du tableau
Quand l'oiseau arrive
s'il arrive
observer le plus profond silence
attendre que l'oiseau entre dans la cage
et quand il est entré
fermer doucement la porte avec le pinceau
effacer un à un tous les barreaux
en ayant soin de ne toucher aucune des plumes de l'oiseau
Faire ensuite le portrait de l'arbre
en choisissant la plus belle de ses branches
pour l'oiseau
peindre aussi le vert feuillage et la fraîcheur du vent
la poussière du soleil
et le bruit des bêtes de l'herbe dans la chaleur de l'été
et puis attendre que l'oiseau se décide à chanter
Si l'oiseau ne chante pas
c'est mauvais signe
signe que le tableau est mauvais
mais s'il chante c'est bon signe
signe que vous pouvez signer
Alors vous arrachez tout doucement
une des plumes de l'oiseau
et vous écrivez votre nom dans un coin du tableau.


sun setting over tpe city

yet another day... tho it's cold, still very beautiful sunset from my window in tpe.



On my way home from nice lazy brunch w/frnds here in Tpe, i minivan has ths sign painted on. GO OUTSIDE N ENJOY LIFE! I can't agree more. Ths is the path.


to go

i am missing nyc and the take out/delivery services of food... esp the take out box itself.

portuguese shipwreck site

DSC02138, originally uploaded by pinkasme.

in tanegashima. this puts japan in contact w/its first western civilization. this is when they discovered guns, forever changing their world view.

early morning

DSC02082, originally uploaded by pinkasme.

in tanegashima (3rd island of our trip to japan). as i'm looking at the map of japan, i realized ther's a town/ city? called Miyazaki! sudden revelation....

our tree is up!

we finally wnt to store n bought the ornaments for our tree ths year. ths yr's theme is red/green (green cuz the boys r just all into ths color) even our top o tree is a green snowflake/star. it's so fun to watch how excited the boys get hanging up the ornaments. and when we all sat down in the dark to light it up, wow, their faces all lit up too!
we will try to fit time in for them to paint their keepsake ornament for ths year this weekend. also we'll hv a popcorn stringing day.
chris asked for ginger cookies. will try to bake tht next week. we'r planning wht to make for x'mas dinner. should b quite fun.
frank just arrived tonite from cali. it'll b a full house for x'mas this yr! well, all except for tony's family back in cali. how i miss'em.


Lovely abandoned

Ths old japanese house stands ther calling 2 me every time i head 2 yoga class. As bachelard talks about our dreams projected at old houses, i dream o the space inside. The ppl tht once occupied it. How space was used. How one wd move in it.


trip to s.japan (Kagoshima/鹿児島, Yakushima/屋久島, & Tanegashima/種子島)

on 12/04, mom's bday, my sister+family, parents, n i wnt on a little trip to japan. very far south, but not quite as far as okinawa. it was a guided, packaged tour we had all agreed upon by accident. my father was talking about going to tokyo for a few days, my mom was talking about her frnd's tour thingy. i fig since it was her bday coming up, n i should b about done w/work by then, i said, ok, i'll go (thinking it's tokyo) but then dad agreed on mom's trip (she has no idea where kagoshima was, etc just tht it was told to her tht it's a nice place) but since dad said he's up for it, even missing work on sunday, i said, ok too. i thought it'll b like b4, w/all their frnds, at least it's private tour. in meantime, i'm swamped w/work, sister's swamed w/work n school n family. somehow, she thought, it'd b nice little bday trip too. so she's agreed to this trip w/out knowing the details also. then as the days drew nearer (it was last minute enough) we all realized wht we'd agreed upon. wht? packaged tour w/complete strangers? no way! but it's too late, we've no time to plan our own trip at ths point, me being swamped in deadline hell. everyone's busy. n i've got passport problems to deal w/at the same time. so here we r, set to go.
as it turns out, the islands tht far south r really quite cool. we stayed at nice places, except for the first nite. still, it was a decent location. i still hate packaged tour tho. u r herded around on buses like blind sheep. u r on a tight schedule not of ur own choosing. food's pre-ordered for u. ther'r no choices to b made even on when u wake up!!!! crap!
the nice surprises r tht the islands r breathtakingly beautiful. totally worth more time to explore further. just not on another tour tho. below was our scheduled days.

day 1 (12/04),
tpe (6am chartered flt) to kagoshima. breakfast on plane, land n lunch, bus/ferry to the Sakurajima volcano, long bus rides aroundthe lake to hotel, making several pee/drink stops along the way. hotel by the beach. experience being buried in really hot sand steam hot spring tht's supposed to detox u? (i can only stand 10minutes, but the kids impressed me by being under just as long), dinner, hot spring, bedtime.

day 2 (12/05).
wake up call at 6.30. breakfast at 7. depart hotel by bus at 7.50, at 10, ferry to Yukushima, lunch (17 dishes traditional yakushima set lunch, including flying fish), nature center (film n intro, part of ths island is listed as unesco world heritage forest!), bus up the mtns to forrest park, 50min hike around (drizzle n cold), bus to hotel.
ths hotel has beautiful grounds w/the mtns as backdrop n facing the ocean as far below view. very nice hot springs as well. then after an hr rest, dinner at 7pm.

day 3 (12/06).
same wake n breakfast rush to leave by 8 to catch a ferry@10ish going to Tankegashima, but first to the only waterfall tht one can b bussed to instead of hiking, 千尋瀧. ferry arrival to Tanegashim, cultural/history museum, lunch, bus around island, stop at windy sand flying beach, chk out the space centre of japan. stay at the beachfront hotel tht's closing in 1 week. it's quite sad to c it go with such beautiful grounds it's got... so we rushed around on the beach, taking fotos, trying to absorb it all b4 sun goes down n dinner time.

day 4 (12/07),
last day in japan.
no wakeup call but still planning to leave hotel by 8.50 instead of 7.50. chk out the crash site of the 1st portuguese ship tht started the western influence on japan. ferry back to Kagoshima. after foto op, bus to ferry back to kagoshima, lunch/site seeing at Senganen (garden), also called Isoteien. then shop at Saty b4 hopping back on bus, to airport, to tpe (landed tpe time 7.30pm)

fotos will soon follow.
i forgot my cell/camera tht goes everywhere w/me. so i had to borrow my sister's fonecamera. altho it's also a sony/ericsson, it doesn't quite hv t/same colors n control i hv on my k800. i will b so sad when ths fonecamera goes out of commission. even then, i believe the foto quality is still quite amazing. i shot loads of fotos. mostly landscapes, lots of bad ones to b sorted, tht's the amazing thing about going digital. u can take tons n tons o fotos n not worry about film/ print, physical storage n waste. just snap away!
ths trip, overall, has inspired new lines in my art. well, the whole yr's worth of travelling has been brewing in me up to now, but the new lines n patterns has finally decided to come out of me onto canvas now. i'm ready to paint more.


hiroshi senju

this is a japanese artist i discovered upon my travel to shizuoka in 2006 w/my father.
going thru my postcards, i found his artwork again.
i still like his art very much.



i've been meaning to take a photo of baby aidan, my nephew #6!!!! online, but hadn't the chance. well, here he is now, just a day or 2 over 1 month mark. everyone says he looks exactly like frank (his papa) when he was a baby, don't c the resemblance. i believe all babies look alike until their eyes hv the knowing look of awareness. n only really fun when u can play w/them. tht'll b soon enough. wow, now i hv 6 nephews to play with!
welcome to the world, aidan. to our family.


show at SOPA studio/gallery

so here's wht i've decided to ship to south pasadena, cali for my next group show, my ever continuing l'arabesque series.

if u'r in the area n r free, pls go c it.
it'll b on sat dec 6th, reception at 7pm. altho, i won't b able to make it... still sticking around taipei for a while longer.


late nite

working late nite again. i guess i just can't help it. during the day, ther's just so many things to do around home n out. ther's loads of distractions. i don't have enough time or i'm not working fast enough? how to fit it all in? and, i want to c my nephews too when they get off school. do yoga, climb, flower... sometimes, i feel i've not enough energy to keep up either. i want to fit naps in btwn too, but i've not had naps until evening. evening naps r the ones tht make u crash most. so like today, i came in/out of the flat so many times. the only time i really sat down during t/day was late afternoon to work for a few hours.
like ths evening, when i got back in to work, i had an evening crash. so instead of the 1/2 hr naps i normally get in the afternoon, i ended up waking at 3am.

i'm back to back sleep patterns again?

i kno sunrise in tpe isn't at 5.37! LOL!

i'm working on packaging designs/ catalog at the same time. not really tht confident in design. i guess this is when visual artist get their anxiety. u'r putting urself out ther n who knos how anything really comes about? often times, wht's in my head comes out unexpectedly bad. designing is very grinding process. u hv to let things/ ideas brew in ur head for a long time b4 u can reach a solution. yet ther's never enough time to think things thoroly thru. n the fear of bad design when u look back later is overwhelming. how does one kno it's a good design result anyhow? so subjective.
i can only dive blindly in. esp when ther is no help anywhere. tht's the worst part about working alone vs in a studio w/other designers where u can bounce ideas off ea/other. b inspired. tho the most amazing part about being a freelancer, is def the freedom to do as u wish when/wher, etc. just don't b like me, wasting time waking thru the house trying to hunt down 1 mosquito. i kno i've bad time management.

like now, shouldn't b blogging. so i'm back to trying to b a designer of sorts. ( i keep hearing a ding sound, wht is tht? but i won't go search it out, might b another distraction...)
later (7am) will go yoga w/chris if she remembers her invitation then breakfast. work. lunch w/T after his big exam in school. work again? yes, deadline, remember?


painting 2008

i kno, i've been really non-productive in terms of quantity of paintings this year, but they r larger and take more time.


wht the F***?

i was returning home after dropping off my sister's kids in school, when i thought to write this down. there were at least 20 policemen on scooters making a left as i'm crossing the street on renai/jianguo. they all rode at high speed with complete disregard for the pedestrians as they cut, at high speed, really close to me, nearly hitting me. in wht countries out ther does one ever get run over by the police gang while crossing the street? since they weren't abiding by the law, naturally, all the other drivers were cutting really close to the pedestrians on the crosswalk. it angers me, they set perfectly bad examples.
then i return home to c the news going crazy about the mess tht's out ther regarding the visit of an official from china to taiwan. where is the international dignity of a country when it's leaders r graceless, tactless? it's ppl wild n misguided? all these official r making a show for their personal gains in the media cuz they want their name out ther so ppl will remember them during elections? so tired of seeing this on tv. hearing how some random angry citizen spit at their own mayors, etc. what a shame tht in 21st century where we should've been quite well educated, that we should b so backwards. where is the future of this island nation? i sure c the future as being really dark n hopeless as its ppl n leaders takes it backwards in time to another era when it's barbaric. i feel sad for the ppl here. ther's no vision of the future as one nation. stop putting up a show and do something constructive, pls! b4 the ppl of ths island become the "maid for hire" & migrant workers of other asian nations.


alley cat painting

ths is t/painting i'm doing for Alley Cat Pizza's december ad in local magazine. it's nearly finished except for the glossing over. the hard part is to write my blurb about self n painting, etc. and in choosing a foto of me to place in ther. wonder if i can get someone to help me write this....?


new discovery

while i was in HCMCity (saigon) with vic/nicky, visiting frnds, i discovered a local artist i quite like, his name is Bui Van Hoan.

i love it when a painting draws u in from afar, then upon closer examination, one can c evermore details, and each time, u just get something more out of it. subtleness is very important to me in a painting.


painted on block island

this painting was made to b part of a larger pc. painted w/oil stick while i was on block island. ths was the house & view we c from our yard this summer. i liked working with oil sticks, n no bad skin reaction to things this time around. maybe it's something i can explore. tho i do regret not bringing the sticks back to taiwan w/me. now i hv to go hunt it down in stores here. silly me.


Beautiful clouds!

I'm all packed n ready 2 go! Jade mtn hike here we go! Hope i can keep up?


Safe 2 go!

Well, our taxi ride 2 airport ws quite scary. High speed, 4 Tpe standard, weaving in n out, then as we approached dept terminal, we crashed into center divider! So xxx scary! Cab's front axle ws shot. We walked 2 terminal in stuper. So ths ws t earthquake dream i had a few days ago w/me, vic, n nicky in it! Is cool, we're safe n going 2 vietnam!


train/car coastal journey, santa ana to portland

day 1 (tues)_Santa Ana to San Luis opisbo, taking the Pacific Surfliner (newer thus nicer train since its a local cali train vs national line), nite @ le petit soleil bed/breakfast, very quaint but too country, altho beautiful courtyard and amazing homemade breakfast.

day 2_rent a car and go up the coast to big sur national park. staying at the Treebones (yurts!) very cook styling yurt, amazing view, even w/a pool. no private bathroom tho. today has been a foggy day, c nothing.... but whiteness, another kind of beauty. to hear the seals but not c them. dinner @ yummy bakery/resto. and midnite hot springing @ esalen institute.

day 3_continue up big sur (visiting beaches, etc, but sea water's temp here is def near freezing level) til Monterrey, drop off car & bus to Salinas (small little town tht the author, Steinbeck is from) linking back onto train, this is now the Starlight Line which goes from LA to Seattle, into oakland (visiting w/frnds in sf for the weekend)

day 4_sf! MOMA, gelato, park, chk out the pirate store! watch presidential debate.

day 5 (sat)_sf! yoga! attempt to Academy of Science grand opening, way too crowded, block party, drinks, dinner in japan town (korean food), more drinks (it used to b called Lord of the Balls, this bar), ktv!

day 6_sf! nice relaxing day of hanging out w/frnds. didn't get to meet up w/wayne, bummer. nite train to Portland (we got our own sleeper car!)

day 7_sunrise @ mt Shasta area as train passed thru, amazing beauty as u sleep n rock n wake up to beautiful views. thru amazing landscape. where as Hawaii was full of giant broccoli, this is the land of tall straight trees, more like asparagus! arrive in portland near 7pm (delayed train, Amtrak need to update their look n feel to b more contemporary), dinner @ pok pok, amazing food, way better than train, tht's for sure.

day 8 (tues)_spend wonderful day in portland. coffee @ cafe of Ace Hotel, amazing treat. dusk watching thousands of swifts (swallows) swarm around the smoke stack hunting then finally circling around n around til they all return into the stack b4 darkness hits. amazing feat.

day 9 (wed)_returning to taiwan (flt delayed due to fog n ran for the gate at sfo, but just missed the plane) end up in hotel for the day. won't b able to meet up w/nicky as planned at the airport in tpe. so end up couped up in hotel room n work away, almost caught up! i do like this hotel room tho, very comfy, go Hyatt sfo!

today (thurs) i will try again to fly home in 1/2 hr. wish me luck! it'll b sfo-narita-tpe (arriving friday nite 9pm taipei time)



the butterfly effect,
u kno it?
it's amazing how something happens and ripples out to affect something like a hurricane 1/2 way across the globe. tht's how i'm feeling now.
things that happens beyond my control or reach.


maui_day last of 6

rise n shine for sunrise
house of sun
heleakala, 10,000ft above sea level
can it b?
so chill a morning
freezing actually, n strong wind blows
clouds chg constantly

15 min extra sunlite as legend goes
craters creating a spine
who lives here on the moon?
cast of star wars?
breakfast at papa's joint, town of 3 shops
try to chk out Lahaina
but water's calling
one last swim
one last plate lunch at da kitchen
over stuffed
hop on plane
sunset in the sky

maui, ohau, sfo, sna
home in newport, cali, next day morning.
sean is waiting for me.
i was in hawaii, felt like another country
another language
culture of great mixture
was it a dream ths past week?

maui_day 5

catch some breakfast near heleakala
pass thru makawao
pa'ia sounds like paella to me.
yummy yummy gelato at the beach
attempt drive to hana
swim at rocky beach,
scraped up by rocks n corals
swim at waterfall
refreshing, colder than ocean
beautiful forest
view of taro fields
1/2 way pupu (snack time)
nap then dinner near pa'ia
where mama's fish house cooked up awesome food
another beautiful day out n about
all play n no work.


oahu/maui_day 4, wedding

last day on oahu.
forget going to abc store for infamous spam musubi
mad dash to leonards for some yummy malasados
checking in n flying over
maui felt like only 20min or so away
another island
once again, familiar n yet stranger after 6 years.
staying in Kula, upcountry they call it.
pakin/jenny's wedding in wailea
somewhere over the rainbow
beautiful spot
beach front cottage
beautiful ppl
great old frnds
wedding tears
lots of drinking
lots of fun, laughing, dancing
crashing waves
some clouds
some drizzle
some sun
ate too much
drank too much
fun memories.

oahu_day 3

north shore day, after quick hotel breakfast
lots of driving,
quick dips here n there as it gets hot
sunset at west end of island
dinner at sam choy
back to YKK
hotel moana surfrider for drinks
and there saw the ocean ate the moon!

oahu_day 2

cinnamon cafe for brunch, left crazy lady
and drove around island,
leaving east island to crazy surf spot &
blow hole
shave ice again
bamboo hotel in wakiki
sleep loads
dinner at 11pm


oahu_day 1

lanikai - kailua beach park/ breakfast, swim, hang.... home.
pali park on way to waiola shave ice, diamond head, dinner at ono... home.
what a fun day of sun n warm waves!


Taking off!

There's my plane! Hv's a very packed plane. Gr8 tht i Hv a good seat to fall sleep in:) ths is my 1st long trip of 2008. On y va!


flight plan 2008

so, i finally nailed down my flight plan and made the necessary purchases! yippee!!!!

aug 10-sept 30th (taipei-nyc), during this time. i will b...
aug 14-19 (nyc-montreal)
aug 24-31 (block island)
sept 4-10 (hawaii, oahu/ maui)
sept 11-19 (stay put in cali/ hang w/family n frnds)
sept 20-30 going north to sfo for a visit, n fly out from portland back to taiwan!
oct 1, land in tpe (meet up w/nicky) from here we stick around taiwan, maybe little trips around the island?
next week nicky's here, we shall fly to vietnam (HCM) and visit some frnds there n travel a bit, should b able to celebrate matt n my bday over ther.
then back to tpe finally, mid-oct.

this is going to b fun n well, tiring too, but i'm excited. it's been long overdue, this trip. i've canceled my europe trip so i am really looking forward to this.


Lala mountain

Here at ths nature preserve, the temp n humidity is so low 1 almost forgets tht ths is high summer in hot humid taiwan! So happy Hv's overcast. I feel as if inside a cooler. And air so clean! Now i'm hungry. The ancient trees reminds us how short our existence is in comparison, how easily things r destroyed at our whim.


on foot in taipei city.

this past sunday, a few frnds n i went to baishawan for some beach fun, but this is a very managed beach... lots of ppl stuck inside the "fenced in" area of the beach. u'r not allowed to pass it or swim outsides this managed borders. the water was warm n nice. beautiful weather, lots of ppl... but nowhere to swim! still, we got some sun and beautiful sunset w/live music at La Mer nearby. and, the special margarita was amazing, hit just the right spot, perfect end to a sunday!

yesterday, after yoga, i saw this birdnest under the overhang of a commercial sidewalk. stood ther n watch how the mother bird came n went, feeding her baby birds. all these ppl walking under, busy in their own thoughts. or r they just so immune to all these happening around them tht it's no longer a surprise? still, i am awed by how nature always finds a way to fit itself into our man-made world, yet we'r so distanced from it all in the present world.

today, i'm walking towards yoga class and chanced by this coffee street vendor. this is prob the smallest vendor out ther on the streets i ever seen! i mean, it's basically made from a motorized wheel chair-like thing! wow. amazing, this will fit anywhere! i wanted to buy a coffee just for tht, but the owner was nowhere to b found, prob hiding somewhere away from this heat n sharp rays of the sun! too hot for coffee anyhow.

today, is "take care of sophie" day, after yoga, i met up w/an old frnd whom i've not seen in ages and had a pedicure while we caught up w/ea other's lives. very nice. my toes r finally back on track in their usual summer color of blues!



In tie last 6 days, i've eaten at M twice n BKing once. How unlike me! Me who normally prefer to eat anything than fast food! Wht is amazing is tht M here prob has most biz than anywhere in ths world.


My ache

So much has been thrown in my path in last few days. I admit to being a coward at how badly i handled things n allowing situation 2 get out of hand. Head n heart r now both stuck. Kno not how 2 set it str8 again. I can't run. Need 2 remain hopeful 4 lite at end o tunnel..


the simple idea of having a studio to paint in, is that so hard? y so many obstacles thrown in the path to reaching tht simple goal? i'm bewildered as how things have gotten so out of hand. and everything else just not falling into place. am i not ready for a place to b home? it's gotten me re-thinking, should i b here in taiwan, painting here? where is home?
they say it's where the heart is. what if i hv no heart?


Beautiful day!

Driving back from daxi via mtn pass... I'm running late 4 the pot luck i'm hosting at home, really reluctant to go back cuz it's 1st time in forever Tht weather is so amazing n all bodies of water r intense in hue! I mean 3 days w/out rain is very unusual these days.must b the typhonn lingering outside of the island Tht's holding off rain.


my bubble

lately, my posting hv been really short n sporatic, not to say random. i don't kno where i've been these last few months?! time just slide from one day into the next. sometimes i feel i don't want to say to much because i'm blogging n facebooking. n since it's all connected, everyone can c right thru me. tho i do remember when i started this i wanted to share me with frnds cuz well, apparently i don't share enough. many ppl say they kno me but don't. some days i'm very lazy so i avoid writing too much of my thoughts cuz then i'd hv to explain things. or my feelings cuz i'd hv to sort'em out.
sometimes, i am just living this moment n don't ask myself all the time how i'm FEELING at this moment cuz i don't try to define tht particular feeling. it's a tough thing to do, self-analysis or asking questions to things tht don't really hv an exact answer to.

i've been living in taiwan for the past 1/2 yr, travelling less n less great distances cuz of the oil prices n well, it makes everything more expensive. n frnds r hard to leave n family harder to leave. but summer is here... i've made promises to go, just juggling out time n location n how-to's. europe is so expensive to go visit tht i'm becoming more n more reluctant to go.

my original plan was to go europe (diane's wedding in vienne, visit frnds in switzerland n UK n meet up w/frnk/maggie in italy) from the connect to nyc for the annual migration of block island n frnds... fly back to europe then taiwan. then it changed to europe back to taiwan, maybe no italy due to timing. n from taiwan to nyc then maui for pakin's wedding then back to taipei. well now to make things more complex... i've gotta run over to tokyo for the chanel mobile art show! before it's over on july 4th. i can either do the fly to japan, then europe or straight to US n spend the entire summer ther! then a few days ago, found out tony n kids will b here in taipei from end of july thru aug. o so much juggling around. dunno wht to do.
why can't ther just b the doraimo instant door? say where u wanna go n step thru the door?

ok, tht's wht's occupying my head while i'm living life here... it's sat. what to do?
paint some more?
gotta do work (designing) from the fotoshoot yesterday of my sis chris. so exhausted i was yesterday tht i ditched my frnds! i'm feeling lazy tho regarding work.

i will hv to go shopping later in this great humid heat n find ingredients for my pumpkin mochi i'm to make for tmrw's pot-luck here. also feeling lazy about tht part.
thinking of riding bike to run these errands... hmmm, great idea, hopefully the bike is ther.


blue in progress

this is new painting i'm working on... the diptych is on hold for now... while i paint this blue...
almost done, i think.
the hardest part about painting is knowing exactly when to stop. i think it's almost time.


East coast taiwan

It's a shame really tht it's so wet n gloomy here. Was hoping 4 sun. Still, it's another type of beauty.


Just go! Hualien!

In a sort of last minute decision to take off from taipei, i bought a train tix, wrongly dated, to hualien meeting up w/chris and off we go road tripping on the eastern coast. I'm reading ths very interesting book, SHANTARAM, and it's talking about Biarritz! Luv it when tht happens, 2 c it written n in fictional respective of a place i'd been n Luv.


dinner party of 12!

well, in another day or 2, i've gotta come up w/a full course dinner for 12!
some planning to do, the main dish tho, has gotta b awesome, tho i don't want to do another steak or beef related item. so seven hour leg of lamb (sept heure gigot) is top of my list. where to find this cut in taipei would b difficult to fig out... or i'd do a chicken dish as main (would it hold up as a star dish in a dinner party, semi-formalish? i wonder...)
i'm going to b creative n use the existing steamed chickend to make an appetizer slightly different than current taiwanese way of eating it, which is soy sauce dip. maybe more like a light salad?
soup, well, something red or green? sweat pea or tomato? something light tho if i do end up making gigot.
crab meat linguine would complement most of these, no? too much food?
n a peach/cream w/apple sauce as dessert.
wish me luck n once it's all done, i'll try to remember to upload the fotos.

the base of my next painting!

when i was preparing the surface for my next painting, sean came back to taipei and wanted to paint too. so i let him play with my canvas. it's now time for me to continue on to the next painting. so instead of chucking this or leaving it about, i've decided to take a blue from his ocean theme and add to this. it will b our collaboration pc!



sometimes, one just has to make some choices that one doesn't like but at the moment seeing no way out, i will choose this path and c where it leads.


richard serra now in paris!

just saw this on nytimes' urban eye email... wow! i'd love to c this in person! such an amazing thing to b set in the grand palais too! it's one of my favorite structures in paris as well. o i wonder if i will make it ther to c in person!


Teddy boy

Having lunch w/nephew. Amazing how much mess a 1 yr old can generate.


Prime real estate

Ths is side view of the palace, prime real estate of taipei. The only thing tht is a bit classy here is ths sculpture.



About to board my plane to nagoya, japan, can't believe how over used ths kitty is. She's on the plane too! Really sick of seeing her.


my first psychogeographic walk, taipei

a frnd n i r doing this psychogeographic walk, allowing us to "rediscover" our cities or learn new things about it. i dragged my feet at first about it cuz the weather was horrible. but once i got into it. i enjoyed it quite a bit. shot loads of fotos but i really hv to self-edit them down to not overwhelm anyone looking at it. or myself.

if u'r interested in reading the notes for the walk and the after-note.


my bowl!

saturday, my dad decided to jump the april 4th weekend mad rush for spring break and tomb sweeping day by a week. on this beautiful summer day we all drove out ther and did our duty. brought flowers and fruits. met up w/cousins we rarely c. then ate a simple lunch at my dad's golf course nearby. teddy has the largest bowl being the youngest of the clan...


value of her life

wow, this woman is cleaning her windows just like tht... no safety features. it's a 12 floor fall too if u're not careful.