holidays approaching!

o O, x'mas is arriving soon, then new years... followed by chinese new year, etc. year's ending and everyone is taking flight. it makes me want to move too! even tho, i did promised myself i'd stay put for a bit, u kno, settle the dusts, hv some form of routine in my life. it's not as easy to do as it sounds! i just want to go! esp today, saying goodbye to dad who is headed back to OC for the holidays, going skiing, etc. no mosquitoes!
then i started looking at Palau! well, it's a thought.
why am i so flighty? i am not sure. maybe my soul is from a nomadic tribe long ago, tho i just want to hv a home, i can't seem to stay put! the irony of it all. things outside just attract me too mch? either tht or i become a recluse, stay in, never leaving my room.

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