one of the challenges of being an artist, i think, is knowing when to say "stop" it's finished. one can always look at the work-in-progress and have a different feeling from day to day about it. being so involved is tough because u r blinded by the work and being over self-critical.
and then,
ther's the attachment issue one developes with the work. ther's a dialogue with the work for so long tht t/attachment is quite strong. it's every part of ur "self" ur "essence" tht is poured into the work, inexplicable by words. so when it's on display on a wall or a certain space in public, we r exposing our self. u either r very shy about it, def nervous, wanting to pls ppl, and a dash of self-absorbed n self-centered-ness. u love it when someone says, i love ur work. ur nervous when they say, "hmmmm, i don't get it" u wanna cry when someone says, "i hate it, it isn't art" who is to say or judge what is or isn't art?
i've been really lucky to have family & friends who love and support my work. to b honest, art isn't really to b understood like theories, etc. i don't hv a particular statement except self-satisfying. i don't believe in distinction btwn high art or pop art or commercial art. if it touches something in u, whether ur like or dislike, it has done its job. indifference is the worst compliment.
this weekend, i'm faced with another challenge, is the forever parting of the work that has found new homes. i will b saying goodbye to'em all. hoping tht their new home will b just fine.
hmmm... gotta get back to my bread-n-butter commercial work. another challenge to make commercial work nice n beautiful and fulfilling its function to "sale"

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