o scary!

it is today!!!!
my show... spent last nite hanging them up. today will b food preps.
my frnds help me write my little statement...
Arabesque is the anti-square, the non-Cartesian, the irrational, the unpredictable. It has no edges, no corners, like a stream of water, it encompasses everything, it surpasses all obstacles. Feminine in its shape, gentle in its touch, its warm and ensuring curves are no less a constant source of 
surprises! Where will the curliness lead you? To the irrational, the world of imagination, to the 
non-Cartesian, the world of dreams. This exhibition is no more but a contemplation and reflection of the self, of the aritist, Sophie.
阿拉伯式花紋與正方形是相對比,他是不理性的,不規則的,無法預期的.他沒有邊,沒有轉角,譬如一道流水一般,他繞過一切的物品,他穿過所有的阻礙.他的形狀是女性的,他的觸摸是溫柔的,他溫暖的曲線是充滿了驚奇的.這些曲線會帶你到哪?帶你去那個不理性的幻想世界,到那麼不規則的夢境中. 這個展覽是只個畫家的自我思考與自我反射.Sophie 眼中的世界,Sophie 眼中的自己
tks to everyone for their support & help. wish me luck...btw is ther someone i can hire to stand in as me?

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H3NR7 said...

Congratulations on your first exhibition. So how did it go?