The End

Tmrw everything will hv 2 come down from the walk. 2day is last day of yoga too in ths space. Chg is the constant of life these days. It's a beautiful day out, gotta saveur the sun whenever he shows his face in ths town, taipei the gray! So slipping out on work, ciao!


lash obsessions.

this is a self-test of the product, after hearing such rave reviews of it. a product tht help grows eyelashes. this is great if it works, cuz i've no lashes on lower eye n very shor n few on the upper eye. as shown in fotos below, very sad.

and if i were to b successful, i'd hv more lashes, meaning, no more ill attempts at eyeliners. since i am no good when it comes to the application of make-ups. yipee! wish me luck!


one of the challenges of being an artist, i think, is knowing when to say "stop" it's finished. one can always look at the work-in-progress and have a different feeling from day to day about it. being so involved is tough because u r blinded by the work and being over self-critical.
and then,
ther's the attachment issue one developes with the work. ther's a dialogue with the work for so long tht t/attachment is quite strong. it's every part of ur "self" ur "essence" tht is poured into the work, inexplicable by words. so when it's on display on a wall or a certain space in public, we r exposing our self. u either r very shy about it, def nervous, wanting to pls ppl, and a dash of self-absorbed n self-centered-ness. u love it when someone says, i love ur work. ur nervous when they say, "hmmmm, i don't get it" u wanna cry when someone says, "i hate it, it isn't art" who is to say or judge what is or isn't art?
i've been really lucky to have family & friends who love and support my work. to b honest, art isn't really to b understood like theories, etc. i don't hv a particular statement except self-satisfying. i don't believe in distinction btwn high art or pop art or commercial art. if it touches something in u, whether ur like or dislike, it has done its job. indifference is the worst compliment.
this weekend, i'm faced with another challenge, is the forever parting of the work that has found new homes. i will b saying goodbye to'em all. hoping tht their new home will b just fine.
hmmm... gotta get back to my bread-n-butter commercial work. another challenge to make commercial work nice n beautiful and fulfilling its function to "sale"



Ths book i enjoy very much, i can feel as if i'm also reading lots of info n learning a bit...adding 2 my bits n pcs of junk knowledge.

On the train

Headed 2 junan 2 hang w/shan and anthony n frnds, sitting next 2 a local girl who kept taking foto of herself. When i was able 2 c her profile, i saw the longest eyelash extensions ever done! Maybe tht's y she couldn't stop taking her self portraits.


nov 22, turkey day

1st off, i wanted to wish happy thanksgiving to everyone. then i just wanted to say, this has been very strange year, i didn't feel the holiday coming upon me at all this year. i kno being away makes a big difference, but this year esp since i was not prepared for it at all and didn't make the big family dinner like i used to.


Ths is a joke?

When does cute become... Un-cute? this is it, when hello kitty takes over a whole gate at the terminal 2 of taiwan's main international airport.


places to go & places to eat

taiwan, when visitors come, wher do u take'em? not much to do in taipei except... eat, drink & play, lots of play. well, come to think of it, that makes up for all the things to do. too many places to go eat at that u don't have enough time for anything else. well, and lots of places outside of taipei to do things and to c and more eating.
today, we will go to jiufen via train towards daxi. in this book, ther is a suggested route that is very interesting. opposite of the typical tourists.



Clear blue sky! Perfect weather, sun is out, dry agr, slight breeze! Enjoy the beautiful rare day in taipei.



As i'm standing here waiting 4 my luggage 2 arrive, i'm wondering about wht 2 do next. Ths has been quite a busy travelling yr. Still, where do i belong? Still no luggage. Hopefully it isn't lost as i felt.



o scary!

it is today!!!!
my show... spent last nite hanging them up. today will b food preps.
my frnds help me write my little statement...
Arabesque is the anti-square, the non-Cartesian, the irrational, the unpredictable. It has no edges, no corners, like a stream of water, it encompasses everything, it surpasses all obstacles. Feminine in its shape, gentle in its touch, its warm and ensuring curves are no less a constant source of 
surprises! Where will the curliness lead you? To the irrational, the world of imagination, to the 
non-Cartesian, the world of dreams. This exhibition is no more but a contemplation and reflection of the self, of the aritist, Sophie.
阿拉伯式花紋與正方形是相對比,他是不理性的,不規則的,無法預期的.他沒有邊,沒有轉角,譬如一道流水一般,他繞過一切的物品,他穿過所有的阻礙.他的形狀是女性的,他的觸摸是溫柔的,他溫暖的曲線是充滿了驚奇的.這些曲線會帶你到哪?帶你去那個不理性的幻想世界,到那麼不規則的夢境中. 這個展覽是只個畫家的自我思考與自我反射.Sophie 眼中的世界,Sophie 眼中的自己
tks to everyone for their support & help. wish me luck...btw is ther someone i can hire to stand in as me?