zip line

in another 3 hours, i'll b in a van, riding to liberia airport, then san jose, atlanta, nyc. (happy to b getting away from mosquitos but sad to b leaving beautiful place)

well, the highest hi-lite of ths trip are def the beach (beautiful warm waters) and the zip line (canopy tour). my dad came w/me cuz he didn't want to let me go all alone (tho secretly, i kno he's curious too) and mommy came cuz she couldn't nap & didn't wanna stick around hotel room all afternoon. it's low season here, so it's practically private tour (ok, it is)

since monkey dad & monkey me both r really into it, we've convinced mom to at least try one line, n we got one of the nice guides to take care of mom. she was really scared of the possible dangers. at our insistence tho, she did try it once n learnt it to b ok w/a guide. she thought she might get to quit by the sixth line, but b4 u kno it, she's at the finish line w/us, 20 lines later!
so amazing & fun!
let's do it again!!
btw, i set the date for my show... now tht's scarrier than anything else i'm doing in my life.

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H3NR7 said...

Andy boy. What are you doing with Sophia's mom?