today: Oirase Gorge, Japan

after taking the hi-speed rail from sendai (仙台), japan, we arrived an hour further north in morioka (盛岡市). here the maples have turned to just the right shade of bright oranges, yellows & reds with the evergreens off-setting the reds. such beauty lining the highway was we drove to Hirosaki Castle (弘前城).

this town is also famous for its apples. wow, such amazing apples! yellows & reds. we wnt apple picking too. here it's quite different than the states. u don't c any tossed apples on the grounds. u get a bag & can ea/pick 5 apples in total of eating or take away.
ok will upload more fotos later on. the hot springs every morning & nite makes me sleepy.
gonna go grab another milk n go draw.

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