well, this is my exhibit's invitation, front side & below is back. the front is 4-up, so actually 4 cards, but placed together makes a nice image on it's own, like a little puzzle. the artwork itself is being framed right now for the show. so many things to prep for and decide besides the framing! hv to decide how much booze & wht booze & munchies to get for the show. how to price my work. how to hang it. how many invites to print. how to write it in both english & chinese (i get a lot of help on this one). i believe the toughest is parting w/them. becuz once it's sold, it's out n gone. no longer mine. maybe i don't want to sell'em? not sure what to do on ths one.

this is the single card view.

this is the back with all the info in both english & chinese. gotta b lingual.


H3NR7 said...

Your 4-up invite looks great. Did you design it? This is exciting. Your fine art career is kicking off.

mini spice said...

yup, i designed it. i'm happy u liked it :)

H3NR7 said...

Send me the 4 invites through snail air mail. w/ dated post marks. This is history in the making.