travel gears

well, henry recommended that i blog about travel gears tht i find useful for my travels, etc. so i thought i'd add a few items here. in the past few years, i've come to love my sport sandal from KEEN. so very comfortable and versitile. i can wear it w/or without socks. and if my feet gets soaked, i can dry off very fast. i even wore it into the ocean to swim the other day b'cuz it was way too rocky in the water. very nice indeed.

another very comfy product from the same maker is this Waimea sandal. it comes highly recommended by my frnds who also travel lots. esp for those of us who knock our toes into things constantly. it's great cuz it is like wearing a feet contouring flip flop w/nice sole and TOE protection!

a very good investment into luggages is the VICTORINOX softframe, light wt (7lbs) luggage w/straps in case u do need to carry it as if a backpack. but the wheels on it are great, so so far i've not the need to do tht. i use the backpack strap storage area to pack things like magazines or books or other flat things, making for easy access. i've had this for 3 yrs now and travelled everywhere w/it. its lite wt'ness allows me to pack way more stuff w/out going over the 20KG per luggage limit on airlines headed to europe. so far, it's been really great. nothing packed inside has beed damaged either even tho it is soft pack. this version is 26" so it has to b checked in.

as for proper useful travel accessories, i recommend MUJI stuff. they just hv so many things thought out. any kind of small bottles, pouches, carriers, etc, they hv thought about. and very simply designed too. u feel soooooooo organised and well travelled when things r not all over the place when u open up ur suitcase to look for things.
normally, i hv the hanging pouch for everything. then i hv another zipper pouch for my first aid/medication stuff. 1 zip bag for my undies. 1 pouch for swim gear. 1 garment pouch for the nicer pcs of various outfits, etc. of course, bags for dirty laundry and shoes, flip flops, etc. last but not least, another pouch for all the electrical wires one needed for various devices tht needs charging or whtnots.

tht's it for now. once i fig out the best computer bag, etc to use, i'll write more!

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