ths week has been hot & humid!

aujourd'hui c'est dimanche.
this week in review, b4 i forget...

thurs evening with henry in chelsea area, gallery open house, ppl everywhere! speed gallery hopping w/henry. i'm very happy henry visits gallery in the same way i do, speedy and dislike similar things, haha.

and like similar artists, this 1 i love...

and the coffee cups, well, tht is just so everyday of our lives, spent drinking coffee... and if everyone bring their own re-usable cup, imagine how much less trash there'd b?

Billy's is where we had dessert after dinner at La G...? anyway, was wht used to b Le Gamin. tho i must say, the cupcakes weren't as yummy as Sprinkles, and the lemon bar was okay only. this place is popular here in nyc, so i wonder if sprinkles has crazier lines? i mean, look at Pink Berry and Jolato! wow, ther's a line everywhere. but it is nyc here. u line up everywhere that is a bit decent for food, things, etc.

this friday, i finally made it to the farmer's market on union sq! i missed it so much! ok well, not while i was in vienne, cuz it was even better than here. but memories of my mornings spent here wandering over everything b4 hitting the office was awesome. and when ther was the hot apple ciders on the wintery mornings... yum! fall is arriving soon, the vegetables and fruits r changing to autumn harvests...

voila la petite sophie, elle a presque un ans moins 7 mois.

sat evening w/eugene...after i broke the shoe strap on my sandals, eugene wnt w/me to go shopping for another pair. it sucks having small feet :-( let's just say, w/seasons changing to fall shoes, ther's not many choices for me. wnt thru 5 stores on union square and bought the only pair i can fit into tht looks decent.
this cow is the left over from long ago, he's stuck. (munich has lions now? is it munich? yah, this summer i think i saw them)

after dinner, we walked thru east village, now pretty much the hip young japanese food galore area. and we chanced by this vending machine food shop. reminded me of a scene from Dark City, tht film. (i think it was dark city) w/the all wht vending machines. too bad ther's a window here for ppl service, else it'd b totally futuristic awesome! completely automated.

all in all, it has been a great week here (minus my allergies for the fall, something i nearly forgotten) now i'm at matthew's apt for a week b4 i move to mrs wu's studio.
je suis tres fatigue maintenant. i go back to sleep again. finally, a real bed!

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H3NR7 said...

I just had some heirloom tomatoes I got from the Farmer's Market. So good.
Make sure Matthew doesn't hog the bed. HA!