thoughts... food, future, nyc...

well, here some thoughts to chew on. how much do i enjoy food, working with food, that i am willing to go and work in it? soak up the life of food? i mean, i really do enjoy working with food, but it's on small scale, for small parties, what if i go in to work w/my "aunt" at gobo and her sons? she offered today to teach me her stuff. and we can work together in her teaching classroom and set it up above the restaurant. and it will b catering and classes along with developing, etc.
but does this mean i hv to quit eating anything i pls and just b a health nut and eat only vegetarian?
i don't kno if i can give that up completely. i love eating out and chk'g out different things too much. altho, maybe i don't. who says i hv to convert? it sounds very intersting. altho this would mean "commitment" and i won't b able to just take off anywhere anymore. i would need to stay here in nyc and study cooking? but i can travel to other parts of the world to study food too. wow, tht could b cool. well, it's really something to think about seriously.
altho... i would miss living in taiwan... but i could b in nyc, and develop my paintings too. but what about my travels???? i'd die if i'm stuck in one place w/out the freedom to come and go. this is a forking in my life, which way to go?

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