richard serra at the MOMA

went to the richard serra show w/henry on sunday afternoon. somehow, i just can't remember exactly where it was located except in the 50s. everything in mid-town is like that for me, a vague memory of location, somewhat blurred. so i was a bit loast and late for the rendez-vous. (sorry henry)

this is an artist back when i was at art center, i liked but ppl where critical of. cuz of his work being such grand scale, dominating a space. when installed in real life environment, it forces u to rethink ur body and its environmnt. i used to make installations and like to hv ppl think about space as their body moves thru it but in a very subtle way, non-confrontational. very asian. since i've only seen his work thru slides and the presenter's point of view, it has made an impression on me by being impressive but nothing more. my opinion until now hs bn "so-so"

arriving at MOMA, my views & perceptions hv chg'd. i loved running thru the spaces btwn the work, all along the edges, sneaking fotos of ppl as they go thru it. being totally playful. hv'g the museum packed w/ppl helps. cuz u're really aware of the space and it's size and shapes. being inside and watching from afar. i love it. it was inspiring to b there w/his work both inside the pristine wht walls and in the gardens w/the surfaces rusting away.

final thought... this image says it all, the all time question current artist struggles thru life with...

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