monday, returning to city life.

this monday is day off (labor day) for everyone. a lazy day to get ourselves back into the city mode. even tho i don't live here and don't hv the workday drag, i can still feel it thru my friends. and well, reality check, i still hv to start working on both fronts. nyc + tpe.
so we spent the afternoon hanging out. had late late lunch and wnt to the riverside park, i had not realized it can b this beautiful like this here. it doesn't even look like being in the city! love it. very impressed by the outdoor restaurant here as well. it has a full sized kitchen. def a place to come back to. only wish i hv a bike like the velov in paris or lyon.

afterwards, it's snack at the famous hotdog place. tho i do prefer hotdog w/relish instead tho, cuz then ketchup is better combo and i do love ketchup.

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