konjaku or shirataki

monday, i made konjaku w/my aunt, mrs wu, (from scratch) but in her version. this is a dish she serves in GOBO restaurant. it's cut n shaped like one wd the surface of squid on a skewer. i looks so beautiful, i wonder about wht it'd taste like.

it's a lot about process, the making of this basic yet very versitile ingredient in further cooking. but in the book, i will also suggest to ppl if they want to save time, it's ok to buy pre-made products in the market.

anyway, i'm writing here wondering if i keep a journal of the dishes i'm making w/her... should i bother to make a seperate blog? i'm so lazy tho mybe i sh/just keep it in 1. it is my travel blog thru life, so everything is all in 1? but would it b better seperate?
it's pretty cool creating n learning from her. she wd point out the things i don't do tht much, the presentation of food. i'd like to make her cookbook more accessible. i think it'll b a book of my learning experiences thru her.
today is 911. also mrs wu's bday. i never knew it lands on today. we will b cooking at the temple and sharing dinner w/her family n frnds. since we spent yesterday sharing ideas on food and shopping and i made an altered garlic toast which her n her hubby liked. it's going into tonite's dinner.

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