jim shaw and 2nd sat in nyc

ths morning, i woke up on d&s's sofa looking out to c gray sky. eugene's not feeling well, and i wondered, if henry is feeling better today? will anyone b up for going to PS1 to c Jim Shaw's installation? it is gray outside and it made me want to stay in and sleep more. i wondered what time d&s r returning from long island? i'll sleep more n clean up a little later.
woke up again and it's nearly 10.30am! i c the sun fighting its way thru the clouds. yippee! sunshiny day for sun shiny girl. my moods r dependent on sun i guess. i slowly got everything together. tidied up and thought maybe i'd go out and draw a bit. i've not done very good work since coming to nyc. maybe it's because i'm constantly distracted by work and things to c. my stomach grawled. ok i need to eat and pick up my sketchbook from matthew's apt. yeh, he's up for lunch, and he's right about Edgar being nicer than Cafe Lalo. i stayed on to draw in my book a bit b4 meeting up w/henry to go PS1.

it is a great show, jim shaw's work. but we were hounded by the security team there, pouncing on us for every little thing we do. following us everywhere as if we were going to do something awful ther. wht is going on? what happened to the original concept of PS1 being a more hip modern "non-museum" museum? damn, i am disappointed by how things r run there.
peter young is another artist on show ther tht i liked the work of.

we walked around henry's home area a bit, chatting, talking about my possiblities here in nyc. was great to hv some1 to talk to about these things. i appreciate all my frnds who can help me c clearly thru choices, possibilities, confusions. it's better than thinking by myself. another point of view to clarify or confuse more. either way helps more than alone.

afterwards, henry n i convinced m to come out to queens to eat at this famous thai place. we even bought a wine for it only to find it closed for vacation :-( so under the bridge, at the tamales stand, the guy recommended a peruvian resto, INCA to us, it turned out to b really yummy. we over-stuffed ourselves. but i was sooooooo cold, i ate a lot.
during dinner, we were chatting about various things and talking about my family. and tony called to ask if i wanted to go w/mom & dad to costa rica. and henry was just asking me about how i was drawn out to places, etc... n here comes a call to call me away, LOL! i've never been and always wanted to go, here's an oppertunity to go, so i took it. meet my parents & their frnds ther. i don't mind being all alone ther w/out my siblings. i get to c a new place :-)
really beat now, going to sleep on matthew's sofa tonite, too late to move to the wu's. tmrw.
ther's always tmrw for something else.

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Simone said...

we miss you. come back to our couch!