turns out the name, Helevtica, was latin origin of the swiss, Helvetia. since the typeface was updated into modern design by the swiss...hence. this is a new info i learnt at the film Helvetica (tht i dozed off on, i was tired)
i must say, i love this typeface a lot, but because the Cap R always bothered me, so my passion is w/Avenir (related to Futura, avenir means "future" in french)
as a challenge for myself tho, it might b good to design w/Helvetica for a while? just a thought. maybe not...

-------going back towards the morning, wnt to the park for a quick stroll w/yuki wu (my aunt's name, actually, we are related thru my aunt marrying into her side of the family somewhere) and did yoga in the park. she asked, why do ppl not excercise in the park? in asia, our parks hv dingy trees and lots of concrete, not very pleasant, but ppl just love excercising ther; here, the parks have such amazing trees, etc and yet, only a handful is ther, sitting or ppl watching. i dunno how to answer tht one. anyone?
and we talked about (me, yuki, her hubby) my future w/her & gobo. i said yes. i'm totally interested, tho i wonder wht's it going to b like and when does everything start?
at dinner 2nite, matthew predicted tht it'll b block island time b4 i actually get back here. i'm not sure. it's all so ify that he could b right. yuki wants me to "just do it" but her husband and sons r slower and thorough, so we shall c.

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