costa rica is next on the agenda

well, i'm flying to costa rica next thurs (sept 27-oct 2) to meet my parents and their frnds. i'll prob b the only daughter around. i don't care, cuz i get to c my parents and travel to somewhere i've not been and wanted to go. i don't even care if i hv to lug my laptop and work late into the nites to finish my current project for my sister's company. i don't mind taking the cheaper flt & driving in a private car for 5 hrs to get to liberia, from san jose, is okay, i will prob c some sights n sleep. i can't wait to c the stars at nite while at the hotspring.
and i my dad can answer some questions i've got regarding the designs and maybe i will even b able to draw a bit? too ambitious? maybe i should lug those.
gotta borrow a smaller suitcase (22" carry on size would b good.)

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