O it's raining right now. didn't c that coming at all! gotta change plans for the day... maybe i'll just hang out n watch tv? tht'd b nice too. so lazy about moving myself once i settled in. but it'll b nice to hang w/ the cats and actually watch tv?
anyways, tht's for in a bit, wanna chat about last nite, and various updates, things happening...etc.
it's friday nite and i'm wondering, what's to do? and henry called to say he's nearby, want a drink? how about chikalicious? so, finally made it to chikalicious. tonite is the nite when dinner goes backwards/forward. desserts first then main food.
no lines! cuz it's when most ppl r still at drinks or starting dinner... so, i thought maybe it was more relaxed and u get to converse w/chika while she worked. but she's soooooooo busy putting together things & she's shy tht it was a bit less like that. she has a big big smile, very shy, very sweet. the process of her making all the light yummy desserts were amazing. ther's a really nice & lite grape jelly w/green tea sorbet and after ther were petite fours (mais il y a trois chaque'un!, c'est pas four) i loved my cream sherry pairing w/my fig cake w/anglaise sauce, i rarely drink this thing, yum.

then we walked around to find this chicken place, recently opened (5-6 months, young like sophie) they served either real chicken or vegetarian chicken. interesting. i was full, tho i did lust after henry's fried chicken, i ordered moonshine stew (has corn, okra & chicken, really like the guy's grandma's receipe) & tasted henry's chicken. only got a foto of the aftermath of our eating/sharing. boy if i keep this up here, eating so much food everyday, i will b a chubby girl who has to watch wht she eats.

this is their postcard, very interestingly done.
i kept getting these emails of great djs coming to LA for Monster massive at the holloween weekend. AVB is playing, i luv him live. he goes on and on and on unlike the other big time djs out ther and u can just dance forever! that's what i really missed out on this year.
then i start thinking of ppl home in cali. things & events i missed out on. danilelle got married in the summer & i can't make it, now i can't make her baby shower either :-(, john is moving north to b w/his new g/f, phil is moving to singapore ths coming new year. nine got married & i missed the wedding. sophie was born and i couldn't make it til much later to c her. teddy was born & i was away. he barely knos who i am. things happening and i'm not there, but then, i'm here, so it's where i should enjoy ea/day as i am n where i am. sorry everyone for missing ur important days.
however, the most important thing is, i'm learning new things all the time. at the wu's. i learnt tht the leftovers can b creatively made into new and other yummy things. like leftover 4grain rice from yesterday was blended w/almond butter & other nuts to make rice milk.

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