yippee, i can make it to block island!

thanks to a patient of my dad's, she was able to find me a reasonably priced airfare (a seat out of taiwan) during this back-to-school rush season!!! i will fly out on aug 28 from tpe to sfo to chicago to providence. i get in too late to catch the last ferry out to BI, so, next morning, i will arrive in BI via pt Judith.
after tht, i will sticka round nyc for a bit.
how long, i can't say.
why plan so far ahead when i kno i'll get a whiff of someone calling me and i'd b gone to another spot next!

update on grandpa's place/ painting studio on rooftop. the homeowners association of the bldg unanimously voted NO on my renovating the space and using it. they stated that altho it belongs to us, technically, the rooftop belongs to the bldg. and if it remains locked up n ugly n unused, they don't mind its existence. but if i so much touch it in any way, they'll sue for it to b torn down! what? selfish. because they say they have rights to the space too.
so, no studio :-( wher do i get to paint? but for now, no studio. grandpa's place's rennovation is coming along, after much compromises and disagreements btwn mom, vic, myself and then tony, etc. it's finally taking shape. by the time i return, hopefully it'll b done and we can move in, away from children.


Simone said...

I thought you were coming Aug 26? Is that a typo or are you coming later than we talked about? Either way, we can't wait to see you!

H3NR7 said...

I think August 28th in Taiwan is August 26th in America.
Yay! I can't wait to see you.