so, i was in krabi, diving again. and again, everyone got stung by these tiny barely visible things, and of course, i had major allergic reactions to them again. this time, i didn't even feel the sting cuz i was so engrossed by my scuba diving experiences. but the moment i got the wetsuit off me, i can feel the stings in my forearms n calves n the tops of my feet where they weren't protected by the suit.
less sting yet just as allergic.
nothing seemed to help.
starr told me last time tht it' something called sea nails, but i can't find such a reference online.
does anyone know what it is out there tht's stinging ppl?
i kno most ppl don't get reaction to them.
but i'm allergic i think.
r these things everywhere in the sea? does tht mean i hv to cancel out diving as a hobby?
i'm in real itch/pain now. where's the cure?
damn it!

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Anonymous said...

I felt a similar thing when night diving in Egypt. When under water, It felt like swimming through a stinging nettle patch. But it was actually a school of jelly fish.
Again like u, the exposed parts of my body from the wet suit were affected most. The rashes subsided after a few days. Aloe Vera helped, staying cool under shade and with REALLY irritant parts, a creme called "Bepanthen creme" (nappy rash creme for babies). Also used by people with new tattoos to help heal and protect the skin quickly.