08.28.07 tpe, sfo, chicago, pvd...

i started flying from tpe on 08.28.07 (12:10pm) and after hours of flying, i landed early morning of the same day in san francisco airport (sfo)! it's like travelling back in time. so cool. then around 10ish, i continued onto chicago where i moved forward in time warp and finally arrived in providence RI. i spent nearly 24hrs travelling to get here, but it's like i've only traveled for 9hrs.

anyway, this foto is of a part in chicago airport. quite beautiful installation w/artists.
in sfo, ther's also a great exhibition on bay area's history of product design.
i should've taken more fotos. but i am really tired. travelling is quite exhausting. gotta wake up early tmrw to take the ferry from point judith to block island (another 45min taxi ride and 1 hr ferry ride)

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