08.28.07 tpe, sfo, chicago, pvd...

i started flying from tpe on 08.28.07 (12:10pm) and after hours of flying, i landed early morning of the same day in san francisco airport (sfo)! it's like travelling back in time. so cool. then around 10ish, i continued onto chicago where i moved forward in time warp and finally arrived in providence RI. i spent nearly 24hrs travelling to get here, but it's like i've only traveled for 9hrs.

anyway, this foto is of a part in chicago airport. quite beautiful installation w/artists.
in sfo, ther's also a great exhibition on bay area's history of product design.
i should've taken more fotos. but i am really tired. travelling is quite exhausting. gotta wake up early tmrw to take the ferry from point judith to block island (another 45min taxi ride and 1 hr ferry ride)


aug 28th.

sorry to disappoint. i got the aug 26th wrong. it's actually 28th. at least when i arrive providence, it shall b aug 28th, 9pm'ish.

yippee, i can make it to block island!

thanks to a patient of my dad's, she was able to find me a reasonably priced airfare (a seat out of taiwan) during this back-to-school rush season!!! i will fly out on aug 28 from tpe to sfo to chicago to providence. i get in too late to catch the last ferry out to BI, so, next morning, i will arrive in BI via pt Judith.
after tht, i will sticka round nyc for a bit.
how long, i can't say.
why plan so far ahead when i kno i'll get a whiff of someone calling me and i'd b gone to another spot next!

update on grandpa's place/ painting studio on rooftop. the homeowners association of the bldg unanimously voted NO on my renovating the space and using it. they stated that altho it belongs to us, technically, the rooftop belongs to the bldg. and if it remains locked up n ugly n unused, they don't mind its existence. but if i so much touch it in any way, they'll sue for it to b torn down! what? selfish. because they say they have rights to the space too.
so, no studio :-( wher do i get to paint? but for now, no studio. grandpa's place's rennovation is coming along, after much compromises and disagreements btwn mom, vic, myself and then tony, etc. it's finally taking shape. by the time i return, hopefully it'll b done and we can move in, away from children.


shrimping sunday

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what a nice way to end the weekend, more eating and then after the long hard day of hunting for our own food (sorta) we went for a bit of massage!


new salad combo


wow. rountrip (tpe, lax, jfk) is nearly NT70,000 (USD 2,300) flying economy!
how can it b so expensive? it's way over my budget for a trip home to nyc. what to do, wait more?



o no!
ther's aboslutely no flights available to get back into the states!
high season for back to school....
hv to remember not to book block island around school time.
damn damn damn


yoga again

i feel so much happier today, at least, my body has been crying out to do some major stretching n such. and i finally made it to yoga again. i can feel the difference in energy in myself. too bad i'm going to b taking off again soon n break routine again.


quick update.

so nyc (block island) trip is coming up faster than i expected (25th of aug is only 2 weeks away). i hvn't even time to find where i put my id n such for taipei and i'm ready to take off again. wow!

sister n kids have moved up to taipei now.
i still hv no place of my own.
no studio either.

lost a blue brush/pen.

lots new drawings

my iphoto library is now officially a complete mess.

ratatouille is an amazing film.

it was diane's bday today, best wishes.

love eludes me.

big question of the day, where do u c urself living?


similarities in culture

this is Lauburu, the Basque Cross. one sees it everywhere in the basque regions. it symbolises the turing of the four seasons.
when i first saw this icon, i thought how familiar it felt to me. then i realized, it's very similar to the chinese symbol of similar meanings.

but while i'm researching, i came across the origin of the word swastika. it's hindu....

The swastika is a type of solar cross, with arms bent at right angles, suggesting a whirling or turning motion. Long before the symbol was co-opted as an emblem of Hitler's Nazi party, it was a sacred symbol to Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist religions, as well as in Norse, Basque, Baltic, and Celtic Paganism.
The name Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit language, from "su," meaning "good," and "vasti"," meaning "being" (together; well being) In India, it is used as a fertility and good luck charm.
The right turning Indian swastika symbolizes the sun and positive energy, and is most commonly associated with the deity Ganesh, a God of prosperity and wealth. Some Indians regard an anti-clockwise swastika as an opposing, dark force- a symbol of the godess Kali. Together, the two can be regarded as symbolically similar to the Yin Yang symbol of Taoism, or the two Pillars of Kabbalah.
....... etc...
and since i was just in thailand, the greeting word is "sawadeeka"
which upon further reading, according to wikipedia, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika)
it's also related to the swastika (hindi word) for well-being.

all this just reminds me of Joseph Campbell's lectures on cultures and religions.



so, i was in krabi, diving again. and again, everyone got stung by these tiny barely visible things, and of course, i had major allergic reactions to them again. this time, i didn't even feel the sting cuz i was so engrossed by my scuba diving experiences. but the moment i got the wetsuit off me, i can feel the stings in my forearms n calves n the tops of my feet where they weren't protected by the suit.
less sting yet just as allergic.
nothing seemed to help.
starr told me last time tht it' something called sea nails, but i can't find such a reference online.
does anyone know what it is out there tht's stinging ppl?
i kno most ppl don't get reaction to them.
but i'm allergic i think.
r these things everywhere in the sea? does tht mean i hv to cancel out diving as a hobby?
i'm in real itch/pain now. where's the cure?
damn it!