over ther and back!

today, i woke up real early so i can head down to lyon then vienne to take care of a few tiny details of returning the sheets n blankets i borrowed during my stay to diane, and the keys and card for her to return to thierry. i wnt into the flat i was staying at, charlie is still asleep. put my things away n did my laundry.

the 99cent flip flop from hawaii is still the best ever, so i decided not to chuck it anymore.

while i washed the blanket, i read harry potter's last book... well, i'm nearly all done. can't believe now i will hv to lug ths heavy book to munich, frankfurt, bangkok then to taiwan. (actually, now i'm back in paris, i'm on last chapter)
it's a very exhausting trip to go all the way down ther n back in one day (so happy ther was a last minute tix for such a trip, else it'd b over a hundred euros) but it was only right thing to do to stop by in vienne and really said goodbye to my frnd diane n aleu, i can't leave friendship matters hanging in air like tht.

it was nice to hang out o'vienne again, small towns has its charms as always.
and i found the lyonnais cookbook i've been wanting to buy. hmmm, more books to haul home. hope my luggage won't got over wt limit this time. cuz i also bought cookbooks from the basque region.

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