jazz a vienne

last nite at the theatre antique (the ancient roman amphitheatre still in use today) was the George Besson & Al Jarrod show w/Buika opening for them. it was sold out, packed thru every nook n cranny of the place.
tho, personally, i prefer Buika and Al Jarreau, tho most ppl came to c GB, he's boring... cheesy songs he sings.
but al jarreau said something i liked,
MTV (empt-y vide)
and at the midnite jazz mix (free) was a fun jazz/hip hop jam session tht was quite fun, with DJ Harry Cover [in french, Haricot verte] featuring Taylor McFerrin (voc) and a bunch of musicians in town he's invited.
was a lot of fun it turned out to b. groovy and danceable.

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