harry potter

on sunday afternoon, i passed by a stand at carrefour and saw the new book. i had no idea when it was due out exactly, but ther it was, the english version. so i bought it and been reading since then.
i just finished reading it!!!!
it's crazy, the english version is out b4 the french and yet all these ppl bought the english versions anyhow.

les colours basque

this is my latest finished drawing, now w/tristan's family in bidart.

wheremagazine, paris

so while patricia n her mom was in town, i snagged this magazine off their hotel room. it's great info on paris in english! very well organised and i believe the food section talks quite honestly of restos. lots n lots of info too.
it also has one on london. the rest r all across US.

over ther and back!

today, i woke up real early so i can head down to lyon then vienne to take care of a few tiny details of returning the sheets n blankets i borrowed during my stay to diane, and the keys and card for her to return to thierry. i wnt into the flat i was staying at, charlie is still asleep. put my things away n did my laundry.

the 99cent flip flop from hawaii is still the best ever, so i decided not to chuck it anymore.

while i washed the blanket, i read harry potter's last book... well, i'm nearly all done. can't believe now i will hv to lug ths heavy book to munich, frankfurt, bangkok then to taiwan. (actually, now i'm back in paris, i'm on last chapter)
it's a very exhausting trip to go all the way down ther n back in one day (so happy ther was a last minute tix for such a trip, else it'd b over a hundred euros) but it was only right thing to do to stop by in vienne and really said goodbye to my frnd diane n aleu, i can't leave friendship matters hanging in air like tht.

it was nice to hang out o'vienne again, small towns has its charms as always.
and i found the lyonnais cookbook i've been wanting to buy. hmmm, more books to haul home. hope my luggage won't got over wt limit this time. cuz i also bought cookbooks from the basque region.


versailles after all these years!

wow, i'm back in paris, AND, it didn't rain!!!! yipeee!
so i met up w/Niko and had lunch, chinese food, missed tofu, yum. and decided we'll go to Versailles for a spin. i've not been ther since i came to paris the first time years ago w/FIDM students, new to everything. learning all about the fashion history and parisian culture, architecture, etc. it's still just as beautiful as ever, the gardens of versailles. b4 i wasn't able to appreciate symmetrical landscaping, preferring the wild chinese garden styles. but ther is something quite beautiful in symmetrical designs too and the pattern it creates.

new nickname

so, i'm called rainy now.
since everywhere i go, the usual sunny weather wd develop into unusual rainy days.

this is my last day in pays basque, this is biarritz in rainy summer day.


guethary of pays basque

the sun shines after all, even if it comes and goes, compared to this morning's loud thunderclap, this is way better.
happy bday to all my frnds and family in june/july that i'm missed their celebrations.


travel snail.

today is last day at jazz a vienne.
i will leave tonite (miss all the festivities here) and head out to munich for the weekend, then after to paris then
to the basque country, town name biarritz... and after i dunno, maybe spend some time somewhere, but i'll b hitting my deadline then. we'll c.
i will meet my family now in thailand on july 30th instead... chg of plans constantly.
should i come back for the rest of my stuff or just lug it all w/me?

jazz a vienne_cuba nite!

wow. such amazing music!
il est un pianist superb!

and the jazz mix after hours was great also w/her sultry voice of salsa!


this is not summer in paris!

paris, a new discovery in st germain des pres.

found this little restaurant in st. germain area. so cozy, great service. awesome food. i will always come back here. it's another find like Wadja and Le Fumoir. but even smaller.


fourth of july

happy fourth.
wht's up for tonite?

jazz a vienne

last nite at the theatre antique (the ancient roman amphitheatre still in use today) was the George Besson & Al Jarrod show w/Buika opening for them. it was sold out, packed thru every nook n cranny of the place.
tho, personally, i prefer Buika and Al Jarreau, tho most ppl came to c GB, he's boring... cheesy songs he sings.
but al jarreau said something i liked,
MTV (empt-y vide)
and at the midnite jazz mix (free) was a fun jazz/hip hop jam session tht was quite fun, with DJ Harry Cover [in french, Haricot verte] featuring Taylor McFerrin (voc) and a bunch of musicians in town he's invited.
was a lot of fun it turned out to b. groovy and danceable.


first day of SOLDE!

big sale all over france on june 27th. everything spring/summer collection goes on sale for 20-70% off. so, diane, jacky and i headed to Part-Dieu's major mall arriving by 8.30am to start shopping. c'etait un jour très longue et fatigue. i was so beat even w/a lunch break. i did buy some things from H&M, CopCopine, Kookai, etc. was fun yet exhausting.
japanese food here is just way too expensive and horrid tasting.
but local french food is another thing.
wish i hv more frnds here tht's will to go eat out w/me to explore.
ok, time to sleep.