joyeaux anniversaire, Diane!

ça c'avait été une très bonne fait! j'ai trop mangé, j'ai bu trop de vin. tous le monde sont très sympa et gentil.


y france, y lyon?

at alliance francaise, a very common question is, SO Y DO U WANT TO LEARN FRENCH? ugh, good question. y am i here? an excuse just to b somewhere? i dunno. but it does satisfy partially that long ago dream of studying french, altho... i don't really hv a good reason to. well, except tht i did already start n stopped so many time tht i might as well try a little harder?
anyway, this is why it's good to b just one month.
but ther's so much to do now everywhere, time seem so short.

lyon is quite beautiful, but it's 1 million is still 9x's less than paris.

zara home

ther's zara home store in lyon at the place bellecour.
so many nice things i wanna take home, esp those orange ones.
i'm in love w/orange nowadays.

vienne's roman temple

vienne est une ville plus vieux que lyon, et la semain prochain sera le festival du jazz ici,
c'est très connu!

ça, c'est lyon!

c'est une belle ville, non?

summer solstice and hail last nite.

c'est la fête de la musique aujourd'hui, mais it's gonna rain!!!!
hope not.
last nite, while in wine bar here in vienne, it hailed.
was so hot n stuffy all day, then suddenly, the temp dropped and voilà, the ice started pailing down. everyone looked at me, dude, c'est pas ma fault. i didn't bring it. i just wished the weather being cooler.


lyon / vienne

everyday, i commute btwn vienne and lyon. studying french. my french sux! being a student realizing this isn't for me anymore. but i am drawing some more.