after all the trouble of rearranging myself, i'm finally able to nail down a definite plan. i got the travel bug. since nyc has been postponed, i just still hva to get outta here. and after chatting w/diane in vienne and feeding the mosquitoes here, i've decided to go to vienne! an ancient roman city way back, a beautiful little town now nearby Lyon, i will b studying at the alliance francaise ther for a summer class. study french!
and of course, bringing my sketch book n ink brushes to draw some more!
can't wait.
then, i will b attending the jazz festival tht happens every summer in vienne, exciting.
sorry, D. i can't attend ur wedding and b ur bridemaid. i feel really bad about this part. it's just sort of not possible to fly that direction at this point. the raindrops r not taking me home to cali yet.
near the end of my stay there, i'll go visit rune in copenhagen n fly back to asia from ther, via bangkok. hopefully my family will make it ther to meet me for a nice family vacation.
neil suggested ko lanta lai.
sounds great to me!

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