red silk cotton tree

i saw them float thru the streets of taipei (chun shiao area) while drinking coffee. at first i thought they were dandelions. but so many? and huge?
upon closer inspection, they r the cottony trees planted in the center divider. i was really excited at how beautiful they were. so i sent out a text msg to ppl in the city and ask'em to collect'em for me if they happen upon some floating flying by them or just twriling nearby.
sandra attempted to, but she was in heels and couldn't, but i appreciated tht they noticed it.
camil didn't c any near him, but he's far off in neihu area.
berta was busy in meetings, too bad.
others just thought i was strange. ah well.
at least they looked up and took notice.
most times, we don't pay attention to our surroundings. esp those of us living in a busy busstling city. so caught up in our busy schedule, filling every waking moment w/appts and something to do.

this is a crawling dying thing i saw on the sidewalk on ren ai near my house.

the beautiful clouds in the sky. it was 37 degree celcius.

silhouette of the leaves on a tree as i'm riding home on a bike from yoga class one evening.

K's hands towering over me as i attempt to take a foto of the clouds w/out the bldgs in the shot.

just another day as summer approaching faster than ever here in taipei. i just settled my airtix to paris. i leave the nite of june 1st, returning to thailand from copenhagen on july 12th. always sad to leave a place but exciting to enter another.

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