puffer fish mass graves (click 4 fotos)

thurs, may 10th.
on a spur of the moment, i went w/my parents, chris + kids to the saddam beach again, nearby Daxi. this time, it was devastating to c that the entire coastline was filled with the corpse of so many dead puffer fish! it was really sad to c such a sight.

my dad then started digging further in on the shores these sandy graves to bury the fish as we collected them. it began a movement on the beach as others, the surfers hanging out ther, joined us.
none of us understood why there were so many. only a few weeks ago, we where there and there was quite a few puffers, but this time it's way too many of them to count. we dug at least 6 graves along the entire beach to bury all of them in ther. it was unbelievable! we all blamed the local fishermens. cuz they were the ones dumping their trash in the waters tht washes onshore.
as it turns out, it's a sea algae phenomena called the RED TIDE tht is killing them (i showed the fotos to victor and he did a research online)

after the big cleanup, we went with the surfer dudes to their surf shop to rinse up and eat dinner at the japanese shop in Tochen. we made new friends today. one of the guys is also a freelance designer, he reminds me a bit of Jack. all dark and sunshine kind of guy.
also at the restuarant, i ran into simon w/victoria. what a small world. he's showing her around so she may take over his room at the beach house.

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