my artist bio/statement

well, here is my version, took me all afternoon and then some...

Sophia Lee

I graduated from F.I.D.M with a degree in fashion design and Art Center College of Design with a degree in fine art/painting. Since then, I have worked in the various industries doing design and illustration work, from clothing to book covers to skin care design to patterns for home and stationary products. Recently, I became a freelance designer, and this allows me the freedom to travel more; I am a slow wanderer. Through traveling and absorbing things around me, I realized that I’ve come full circle with myself and art as one entity.
The patterns I create are not sketched or pre-planned, very much as it is done in Chinese brush paintings. Each time I’d randomly pick out a brush pen and select a point on the paper and just allow my hand to start drawing. After the first few strokes, I then see where this will lead me as a whole composition, turning the page as I go to draw and fill it up. I want that it can be a different image from each side of the page, not settling into just one side up. I want the owner of each image to choose how to see it.
Although that I allow a lot of random factors into my artwork, I believe that the everyday life is my meditation that inspires and abstracted into this series of patterns. Each time it will evolve and change and flow onto the paper.