days go by

and i just feel too much that words can't express and pinpoint each feeling all jumbled together.
i feel Time like the current around me, moving and moving.

many years ago today, i became married.
many years later today, i am not married.

things go around and around in circular motion, ever-forward.

don't kno where this thought is leading.

summer is here again.
i'm ready to move, again. always, the prospect of travelling again is hard, cuz i'm a slow starter, but once i'm moving, then it's hard to stop until i stop somewhere. where is home? the hard part about leaving "home" is the patterns n habits and frndships i've grown attached to. the thought of missing out on all the events and connections i wil hv w/my frnds here i will miss. then again, i will re-connect with the frnds elsewhere i've lost connection to because i've been away. the ones i spend less time with, i will feel like an outsider all over again until the dusts of settled and i've caught on to a daily routine, ther.

thoughts of this summer i hv to work out.
me, vic, mom/dad (OC, usa)
mom/dad + frnds to eastern europe (croatia is in early part of trip, should i join?) then
leave to b back in nyc.(late may~june)
LA for danielle's wedding, vic's 30bday? or will tht b in taiwan? (very strong variable factor)-beg of july
taiwan in late june or early july~late aug for work? summer play? frnds leaving?
nyc/ block island (late aug~?)... sandra joining me?
maybe time to go and study french in LYON w/diane?

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