red silk cotton tree

i saw them float thru the streets of taipei (chun shiao area) while drinking coffee. at first i thought they were dandelions. but so many? and huge?
upon closer inspection, they r the cottony trees planted in the center divider. i was really excited at how beautiful they were. so i sent out a text msg to ppl in the city and ask'em to collect'em for me if they happen upon some floating flying by them or just twriling nearby.
sandra attempted to, but she was in heels and couldn't, but i appreciated tht they noticed it.
camil didn't c any near him, but he's far off in neihu area.
berta was busy in meetings, too bad.
others just thought i was strange. ah well.
at least they looked up and took notice.
most times, we don't pay attention to our surroundings. esp those of us living in a busy busstling city. so caught up in our busy schedule, filling every waking moment w/appts and something to do.

this is a crawling dying thing i saw on the sidewalk on ren ai near my house.

the beautiful clouds in the sky. it was 37 degree celcius.

silhouette of the leaves on a tree as i'm riding home on a bike from yoga class one evening.

K's hands towering over me as i attempt to take a foto of the clouds w/out the bldgs in the shot.

just another day as summer approaching faster than ever here in taipei. i just settled my airtix to paris. i leave the nite of june 1st, returning to thailand from copenhagen on july 12th. always sad to leave a place but exciting to enter another.



after all the trouble of rearranging myself, i'm finally able to nail down a definite plan. i got the travel bug. since nyc has been postponed, i just still hva to get outta here. and after chatting w/diane in vienne and feeding the mosquitoes here, i've decided to go to vienne! an ancient roman city way back, a beautiful little town now nearby Lyon, i will b studying at the alliance francaise ther for a summer class. study french!
and of course, bringing my sketch book n ink brushes to draw some more!
can't wait.
then, i will b attending the jazz festival tht happens every summer in vienne, exciting.
sorry, D. i can't attend ur wedding and b ur bridemaid. i feel really bad about this part. it's just sort of not possible to fly that direction at this point. the raindrops r not taking me home to cali yet.
near the end of my stay there, i'll go visit rune in copenhagen n fly back to asia from ther, via bangkok. hopefully my family will make it ther to meet me for a nice family vacation.
neil suggested ko lanta lai.
sounds great to me!



i can sign up to Alliance Fracaise Lyon and go study french w/Diane for a month and stay in vien and enjoy the jazz festival? then return to LA for danielle's wedding or not (tht's a bit far)
i stick around asia and go thailand w/chris?

changing and shifting

well, got a call from nyc, i had to reconfirm my trip w/Wu-mama. turns out she's going to busy for next 2 months! so should i delay my trip ther til the block island trip? this saves me a plane ticket too. but then... i won't b going to danielle's wedding will i? seeing old friends that i miss so much. dancing to avb too. hmmmm. what shall i do? go ahead anyways? or should i delay? o, and so many things hv to chg and shift. i def need to sit on ths thought for a bit.
damn, after all the sitting i've done to come to such a perfect timeline too.


nyc here i come!

i'm all booked!
taipei ->nyc (may 25th)
nyc -> LAX (june 25th, tht's maybe)
LAX -> taipei (july 10, another maybe, july 7th is danielle's wedding)

can't wait.
c u all soon, my ny buddies.
and thanx to eugene, i will hv a place to crash for a bit


puffer fish mass graves (click 4 fotos)

thurs, may 10th.
on a spur of the moment, i went w/my parents, chris + kids to the saddam beach again, nearby Daxi. this time, it was devastating to c that the entire coastline was filled with the corpse of so many dead puffer fish! it was really sad to c such a sight.

my dad then started digging further in on the shores these sandy graves to bury the fish as we collected them. it began a movement on the beach as others, the surfers hanging out ther, joined us.
none of us understood why there were so many. only a few weeks ago, we where there and there was quite a few puffers, but this time it's way too many of them to count. we dug at least 6 graves along the entire beach to bury all of them in ther. it was unbelievable! we all blamed the local fishermens. cuz they were the ones dumping their trash in the waters tht washes onshore.
as it turns out, it's a sea algae phenomena called the RED TIDE tht is killing them (i showed the fotos to victor and he did a research online)

after the big cleanup, we went with the surfer dudes to their surf shop to rinse up and eat dinner at the japanese shop in Tochen. we made new friends today. one of the guys is also a freelance designer, he reminds me a bit of Jack. all dark and sunshine kind of guy.
also at the restuarant, i ran into simon w/victoria. what a small world. he's showing her around so she may take over his room at the beach house.


table for beach room?

this table i saw at the sale at mag's place in hsinju, a beautiful teak expandable dining table for only 2200twd!
should i take it for my room at the beach house in Daxi?

this will most likely b my future room at the beach house. it is light blue right now, i'm considering painting it darker shade of blue... at least one of the walls. or rusty orange?
every few years, i've a new color preference. it's been orange for me since a year ago. wht does tht say?


my artist bio/statement

well, here is my version, took me all afternoon and then some...

Sophia Lee

I graduated from F.I.D.M with a degree in fashion design and Art Center College of Design with a degree in fine art/painting. Since then, I have worked in the various industries doing design and illustration work, from clothing to book covers to skin care design to patterns for home and stationary products. Recently, I became a freelance designer, and this allows me the freedom to travel more; I am a slow wanderer. Through traveling and absorbing things around me, I realized that I’ve come full circle with myself and art as one entity.
The patterns I create are not sketched or pre-planned, very much as it is done in Chinese brush paintings. Each time I’d randomly pick out a brush pen and select a point on the paper and just allow my hand to start drawing. After the first few strokes, I then see where this will lead me as a whole composition, turning the page as I go to draw and fill it up. I want that it can be a different image from each side of the page, not settling into just one side up. I want the owner of each image to choose how to see it.
Although that I allow a lot of random factors into my artwork, I believe that the everyday life is my meditation that inspires and abstracted into this series of patterns. Each time it will evolve and change and flow onto the paper.

a face, man-hole


days go by

and i just feel too much that words can't express and pinpoint each feeling all jumbled together.
i feel Time like the current around me, moving and moving.

many years ago today, i became married.
many years later today, i am not married.

things go around and around in circular motion, ever-forward.

don't kno where this thought is leading.

summer is here again.
i'm ready to move, again. always, the prospect of travelling again is hard, cuz i'm a slow starter, but once i'm moving, then it's hard to stop until i stop somewhere. where is home? the hard part about leaving "home" is the patterns n habits and frndships i've grown attached to. the thought of missing out on all the events and connections i wil hv w/my frnds here i will miss. then again, i will re-connect with the frnds elsewhere i've lost connection to because i've been away. the ones i spend less time with, i will feel like an outsider all over again until the dusts of settled and i've caught on to a daily routine, ther.

thoughts of this summer i hv to work out.
me, vic, mom/dad (OC, usa)
mom/dad + frnds to eastern europe (croatia is in early part of trip, should i join?) then
leave to b back in nyc.(late may~june)
LA for danielle's wedding, vic's 30bday? or will tht b in taiwan? (very strong variable factor)-beg of july
taiwan in late june or early july~late aug for work? summer play? frnds leaving?
nyc/ block island (late aug~?)... sandra joining me?
maybe time to go and study french in LYON w/diane?

artist bio/statement

i'm really having a tough time thinking of wht to write for the artwork i sent to Gale's in pasadena for the aids benefit art sale. like everyone these days, internet is the "let the finger do the walking" so i took a look and found a great blog by this artist, luann udell, which i find very helpful. i think her blog also talk about many artist related issues. finding it very interesting.

so, this is the drawing i submitted.

now i hv to figure out how much to ask for it. 500usd?