hiking and crazy sat nite.

(fotos here r provided by eve)
i woke up (after just 3.5 hrs of sleep) to go hiking w/a few frnds (9 of us). i was running late, my alarm didn't go off, cuz i set it on my cell and left it in the living room! so, i rushed out, packing only water, ate nothing, didn't kno the weather, so had on shorts n tanktop and a simple thin long sleeves, forgot my hair clip n socks too. very well prepared hike. luckily, some ppl were later than me, so i was able to buy pb sandwich at the 7/11 outside the danshuei mrt station. ate 1/2 of it and saved the rest for the hike.

everyone else was so well prepared with the proper clothes and everything!
this was a long long hike w/real trails.

ppl on the hike: eve, jenny, patricia, howard, anthony, shan, starr, elaina?, me.

since it has been raining so much in tpe, it's also very muddy, slippery.
so green everywhere. (post fotos later when i hv my computer back)
very beautiful but tiring hike. we went in one side of the mountain and came out at the other end into yang ming mountain, national park nearly 4 hours later! incredible.
eve slipped on her ass at one point, i nearly did too.
the weather was overcast n humid, but then towards the end, we ended up w/drizzle.
we were all starved and had eaten all our snacks and drank all the water. but the restaurant at this little town tht grows calle lily (my fav)was soooooooooooo worth it.

or was it just because we were all raving mad hungry and cold from the rain (rain by now) the 9 of us shared 13 dishes and managed to wolf it all down.

the return trip was horrible tho, cuz we had to wait out in the rain for the minibus tht takes us to the mrt station at the bottom of hill in beito. no rain here tho. it was nearly 5 by the time i got home to shower n nap.
then at 7.30 we all met up at eve's to go n eat at the california grill's grand opening. it's a little shop making flame broiled burgers, american style. but the place has ventilation problems, so it was so smokey inside, and jenny's flatmates (over of the shop) were beat from cooking all day, we were their last orders and took it home to eat. it was yummy enough. but not like wht we missed at home, carl's jr or in-n-out! not tht's real burgers.
we continued on to josh's going away party at a pub. cheap drinks here.
then it's carnegies calling us. wht a meat market this place is. packed n smokey. very bad music. but it's very fun when u'r plastered. great place to watch ppl from everywhere here. ther was a really cute guy i wanted to dance with. i think he did too. but... cary thinks he was intimidated cuz i was w/so many ppl.
by 2, everyone started to leave. more food for some, but anna n her brother tom wanted to continue. so i wnt w/them to vibe n stayed out til 5? or later? cuz the sky was def up. we then had to go nybagel shop. i fell asleep eating my bagel. i dunno how anna n tom managed to wolf their food down. i can barely eat. then i wnt home to my lonely bed.
i was still dizzy when i woke up to eat lunch w/my parents.
i miss clubbing in LA w/great music tht u can dance to all nite.
room 18 sux.
eden closed
mos is too far.
luxy too posey n pricey

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